'Chunky' Deadly Snake Shown 'Chilling Out' Under Clothes Line in Video

Professional snake catchers were called to a property in Australia after a highly venomous Eastern Brown Snake was found "chilling out" under a clothes line.

Snake-catching experts Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 arrived at the scene at a home in Diddillibah, Queensland, to relocate the animal.

The whole catch was recorded by the business and posted to its Facebook page. It shows how one catcher, Stuart McKenzie, carefully approached the snake as it lay in some long grass.

Eastern Brown Snakes are medium-sized snakes with a body color that may be almost any shade of brown. They are widely seen as dangerous, according to the Australian Museum, and can be found across a wide range of habitats throughout eastern Australia. They may also be found in central and western Northern Territory areas.

The Australian Museum states the Eastern Brown Snake has "the unfortunate distinction of causing more deaths from snakebites than any other species of snake in Australia."

As McKenzie attempts to pick up the snake using a specialized tool, the animal quickly tries to get away.

However, McKenzie then reaches down and picks it up by the tail, remarking: "It's lucky it's cold. I tell you what, this big boy in the middle of summer would be tough."

McKenzie describes the creature as around six feet long and "a unit of a snake."

The snake catchers then observe the snake for a moment before placing it into a holding bag to be relocated.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 said in a caption alongside the video: "Today we headed over to a home in Diddillibah for a 6 foot chunky Eastern Brown Snake that was chilling out under the clothes line!

"Thankfully the snake was still pretty cold and didn't have a lot of energy, however I could imagine in the heat of summer this snake would be quite a handful! Notice that as soon as I approached him all he wanted to do was get away."

The same snake-catching firm documented another callout earlier this year in which McKenzie found the old skin of a huge python—but not the snake itself.

The venom of the Eastern Brown Snake contains neurotoxins and other harmful chemicals, and a bite can result in paralysis and uncontrollable bleeding.

The Australian Museum says many bites "have been a direct result of people trying to kill these snakes and could obviously have been avoided."

It advises people to wear long pants, thick socks and solid footwear as a precaution, and states that anyone suspected to have been bitten should call for medical attention without delay.

Eastern Brown Snake
A stock photo of a young Eastern Brown Snake. These snakes possess a harmful venom. gorgar64/Getty