Chunky Dog Won't Get Out of Bed, Prefers to Stay and Cuddle His Favorite Small Person

If this clip doesn't make you want to snuggle up with your pet, nothing will.

In a video shared on Reddit on Tuesday, a large husky stays in bed to cuddle with his favorite person. The clip, titled "Doggo refuses the owner to get out of bed then proceeds to fall asleep looking after the little baby," is 39 seconds of pure four-legged love.

The dog's owner tells the pet to get out of bed to leave the baby alone. Except, get this: The dog doesn't budge. So, after a few attempts, the owner gives up, and throws the blanket on top of the dog and the baby.

At one point, the dog looks directly into the camera after licking the baby's nose. The video then fades to the husky and the baby sleeping and snuggling together, with the husky's arm (leg?) wrapped around the baby.

Husky Dog
Siberian Husky waits for the start of the ride on December 15, 2008, in a Husky farm in Rovaniemi. OLIVIER MORIN/AFP via Getty Images

The collective hearts of Reddit melted after watching the video. Folks loved how protective and affectionate the husky was of the baby. "I hate to break it to you, but that's her baby now," one person wrote.

"Dog: 'excuse you, we are about to take a nap,'" another user imagined the dog saying to their owner. "That kid is gonna grow up with the greatest friend it could ever ask for," a third gushed.

"Okay that was just way too cute to handle. I'd want to get in there too," someone added. Which, same.

One user described the bond between their own husky and their own son. "When I brought my son home, my husky barely left his side. She would sleep next to his crib. If he made any noises she was up and looking in on him. If he cried she whined with him. If I wasn't in the room she would come and boof at me to get my attention, take a couple steps towards the nursery, then look at me like 'You coming with or what?'"

They continued: "My cat was pissed at me for about a month after he came home. Then decided he was a great napping buddy and snuggled up to him. I miss both my fluffy nuggets.."

Another recalled, "This reminds me of when i was little i used to fall asleep in my dogs bed while i was giving it good night pets."

Someone summed up what everyone probably thought upon seeing the video. "Oh my god!!! This is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life."