'The Circle' Week 1 Results: All the Contestants Blocked in the First Four Episodes

The Circle has returned for a third season, with contestants living in separate apartments and communicating only through a social media platform. As influencers are ranked, others are blocked from The Circle before the ultimate winner is revealed.

This year, rather than releasing the episodes weekly or all in one go, there will be four episodes released each week over the next three weeks.

Then, on September 29, the final will be released, meaning the head influencer will be revealed.

By the end of the fourth episode, there had been three influencers and two blockings, making this a pretty dramatic series so far.

Ahead are some spoilers for the first four episodes of The Circle.

Who Has Been Blocked From The Circle Season 3?

Out of the eight players who arrived in the show, three profiles have been blocked on The Circle.

Due to the fact The Circle could have anyone behind those profiles, this actually means five people have been blocked.

Even more confusingly, it could actually be said that only three people have been blocked, as two people have been blocked twice.

On the first day, the rankings meant someone was going to become the influencer, who could then block someone from The Circle.

Kai was ranked the highest, and so chose to block Ava.

Ava, however, was being played by two people: Ava and her sister, Chanel.

Of course, The Circle can often change things around, and these two were offered the opportunity to return to the game, but they had to clone another player to do so.

They chose to clone Michelle, who had landed at the bottom of the rankings after a game revealed she refused to let her dogs lick her face, which seemed to upset a number of players.

Ava and Chanel then had 24 hours to make the rest of the players believe they were the true Michelle.

At the end of the third episode, the real Michelle was sent home after the other players unanimously agreed, and naturally, she was unimpressed.

Ava and Chanel continued in their ruse as Michelle until, at the end of the fourth episode, two new influencers were voted in.

These were Kai, again, and Ruksana, who decided Michelle seemed a little fishy and they wanted to send her home.

The final episode saw Kai turn up at their apartment to get rid of Michelle, only to look shocked as the two women looked back at her.

Which New Players Have Joined The Circle?

Other than the first eight profiles, two new ones have been made, but both are catfish.

The first is Jackson, played by Rachel, and the second is Isabella, played by Sophia.

The two women are playing as people they know: Isabella is Sophia's sister, while Jackson is the boyfriend of Rachel's friend.

Needless to say, there will be plenty more blockings and new players as the series continues.

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