Circus-Style Fitness at Trapeze School

Sarah Jessica Parker might have kicked off the trend a few years back when she took trapeze lessons on "Sex and the City." But these days anyone can fly through the air with the greatest of ease—and get a little exercise in the process. "Sex and the City" 's flying antics took place at Trapeze School New York ( Club Cirque at Crunch in the Big Apple offers classes in trapeze skills as well as fusions like aerial yoga, which combines trapeze movements with plain old yoga (

The Hangar, a funky circus-training studio in East London, gives lessons in singles and doubles trapeze ( In Paris, Les Noctambules offers flying classes with trapeze, rope and aerial rings. Daredevils Down Under can get off their feet at Australia's National Institute of Circus Arts in Victoria ( Running away and joining the circus has never been easier.