Clash Between Trump Supporters and Counter Protesters Becomes Violent in NYC

Altercations between Trump supporters and counter protesters turned violent in New York City on Sunday, resulting in seven arrests during the afternoon's Jews for Trump rally.

Videos shared to Twitter showed those who participated in the event—a large convoy that saw vehicles driving through Brooklyn and Manhattan with American flags, and signs demonstrating support for President Donald Trump's reelection, clearly displayed—encountered opposition from demonstrators along sections of their route.

WARNING: Video below contains footage and language that may be disturbing.

BREAKING IN MANHATTAN. Anti-Trump protesters rip flags off vehicles part of the #JewsForTrump vehicle convoy. Throw red paint on vehicles, punch Trump supporters. @realDonaldTrump @TrumpWarRoom

— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) October 25, 2020

One confrontation, which took place in the Midtown area near Times Square, escalated after a group of counter protesters surrounded a vehicle taking part in the convoy. Demonstrators appeared to douse the vehicle in red paint. A message posted alongside one of the social media videos said counter protesters also tore flags from vehicles supporting the convoy.

Footage showed individuals inside the car exit their vehicle before arguments with counter protesters became physical. A man wearing a red sweatshirt with "Keep America Great" printed across the chest could be seen tackling a woman over a low barricade near the side of the boulevard, although the specific catalyst for the quarrel was unclear.

Soon after the Trump supporter backed away, a different, unidentifiable individual wearing a face mask appeared to kick another person so the latter fell onto the pavement.

As these two incidents occurred, officers from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) detained a man, who was not identified, either. That sparked unanimous chants to "let him go" from the group of counter protesters, while some voices told the officers, "he didn't do anything." NYPD vehicles trailed those participating in the convoy as it made its way through Manhattan on Sunday, passing Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.

WATCH: #JewsForTrump vehicle in Monsey heading to NYC. There are hundreds of vehicle in the Monsey convoy. They will all be meeting at Marine Park, Brooklyn for a rally this afternoon. WOW!

NY has so much red.

— STOP THE STEAL 🇺🇸 JEWS FOR TRUMP (Manny) (@TheHFWarrior) October 25, 2020

In another video from the same physical altercation, a man dressed in a red sweatshirt is seen running forcefully toward a counter protester, who he pushes forcefully to the ground. The man is later seen clutching the counter protesters jacket collar while others try to pull him away. NYPD officers approach the group to intervene, although they did not appear to arrest anyone involved.

WARNING: Video below contains footage and language that may be disturbing.

More from brawl in Manhattan when anti-Trump protesters attack #JewsForTrump vehicle convoy

— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) October 25, 2020

An additional video showed NYPD officers arresting another person, reportedly over the individual's use of pepper spray while engaging in the counter protest.

Woman arrested for spraying pepper spray at the #JewsForTrump vehicle convoy on 5 Avenue in Manhattan.

— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) October 25, 2020

Earlier, a small group of people were recorded throwing objects toward vehicles bearing pro-Trump flags from an overpass above the highway.

More rocks thrown at #JewsForTrump vehicle convoy in Brooklyn. @realDonaldTrump @NYPDnews @TrumpWarRoom

— NYC Scanner (@NYScanner) October 25, 2020

A spokesperson for the NYPD told Newsweek five males and two females were arrested during altercations that occurred during the rally, all of whom were awaiting charges at the department's 7th Precinct late Sunday afternoon.

"Anyone who was observed committing a crime was placed under arrest," the spokesperson said, regardless of their political affiliation. Both Trump supporters and counter protesters were among those arrested.

Trump rally
Supporters of President Donald Trump hold signs, including one that reads, "We Are Jews for Trump", during a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida, on March 3. A Jews for Trump rally that took place in New York City on Sunday led to physical altercations between Trump supporters and counter protesters. Joe Raedle/Getty