'Clash of Clans' Town Hall 14 Update Balance Changes Revealed in Sneak Peek 2

Clash of Clans' Town Hall 14 update is set to arrive later this month, and Supercell is in the midst of showing off some exciting Sneak Peeks for the upcoming patch. In its latest blog post, developers outline a series of balance tweaks meant to benefit new and returning players alike. In short, those who hated the grind to reach higher Town Hall levels are about to be very pleased with these latest advancements.

clash of clans th 14 balance changes
'Clash of Clans' Town Hall 14 releases in April, and Supercell has big cost reductions in play. Read the full list of cuts below. 'Clash of Clans' is available now on Android and iOS. Supercell

One of the biggest changes featured in the Town Hall 14 update is the addition of the Starter Pass Reward Track and Starter Challenges. These are accessible from Town Hall 2 through Town Hall 6, and they're essentially small tasks designed to make reaching Town Hall 7 much less of a grind than it previously was.

Along the way, players will be able to unlock cool rewards, such as Rune of Gold and Book of Building, while also getting lots of XP for their accounts. And perhaps the best part is that players have as much time as they need to complete these objectives. Even if you progress to a higher Town Hall level, the challenges from the previous set can still be finished.

clash of clans th 14 starter challenges
Starter Challenges make the grind to Town Hall 7 far less tedious. Supercell

Cost Reductions

In tandem with making the grind to Town Hall 7 less of a chore, there are also several cost reductions available across the board. Here are some changes to look forward to:

clash of clans th 14 cost reduictions
Check out the full list of cost reductions coming in April's Town Hall 14 update. Supercell
  • Ice Golem Training: 300 Seconds (-60 seconds)
  • Witch Training: 240 seconds (-120 seconds)
  • Super Witch Training: 800 Seconds (-400 seconds)
  • Level 12/13 Wall Cost: -1m Gold/Elixir
  • Town Hall 2 upgrades reduced by 60 percent
  • Early troop upgrades reduced
  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen upgrades reduced through level 50
  • Next attack cost reduced through Town Hall 8
  • Level 1 and 2 Barbarian and Archer training cost reduced by 20
  • Training cost for 1-4 Giants reduced from 250/750/1,250/1,750 to 150/300/750/1,500

In short, while some of these balance changes will help out longtime players, the bulk of the adjustments seem tailored to enticing new players to join the game. Especially as the level cap increases with each major update, new Clash of Clans players may feel like they can never be truly competitive. The Town Hall 14 update attempts to solve this problem by drastically shortening the time it takes to reach a more competitive level.

Other Changes

Beyond lightening the load for newcomers, Town Hall 14 has a few other features worth noting. While Global Chat is still removed, it is possible for players to receive invites from the Find New Players feature without explicitly being suggested by the game's algorithm. Books also no longer cancel boosts, and Season Challenges are more forgiving, thanks to automatic redemption at the end of each season and the ability to take a portion of a reward based on the storage you have available.

All told, while April's Town Hall 14 update does satiate longtime players by increasing Clash of Clans' base level cap, it is also the biggest concession Supercell has made to entice new players in quite some time. Especially at earlier Town Hall levels, the game will be faster and more rewarding than ever before. Veterans may be salty that some of the grind has been cut for those just hopping in, but the rebalancing will likely be a net positive if it means the game's player base gets larger.

Clash of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What are your thoughts on the Town Hall 14 update so far? Do you approve of these balance changes? Tell us in the comments section!