'Clash of Clans' Oct. 2019 Update Adds Royal Ghost & Tweaked Challenges - Patch Notes

Clash of Clans' October 2019 update is officially live, and it's fairly content-light. That being said, the sizable download does add the Royal Ghost temporary troop, Clan Recruitment tools and new types of Season Challenges. Read an abridged version of the patch notes below courtesy of a Supercell blog post.

Clash of Clans October 2019 Update Patch Notes

clash of clans october update clan recruitment
'Clash of Clans' October 2019 update adds Clan Recruitment tools. Use tags to find the clan you want. 'Clash of Clans' is available now on Android and iOS. Supercell
  • Clan Recruitment Tools:
    • Labels tell recruiters which kinds of Clash of Clans experiences you like best.
    • Clan leaders can add labels to their clan pages as well, letting prospective players know which modes the clan plays.
    • Find New Members function lets leaders search for new members based on these tags.
    • Players can get clan requests even if they're already in a clan.
clash of clans october update royal ghost
The 'Clash of Clans' October Update adds the Royal Ghost for a limited time. Supercell
  • Royal Ghost Temporary Troop
    • DPS (at Town Hall 12): 680
    • HP (at Town Hall 12): 270
    • Training Cost: 3800 Elixir
    • Training Time: 37s
    • Favorite Target: Any
    • Damage Type: Single Target
    • Targets: Ground
    • Housing Space: 8 Movement Speed: 16
    • The melee unit starts invisible and can't be targeted for 12 seconds. It deals high damage and can pass through walls while invisible.
    • New Obstacle and store deals also added.
  • Six Quick Train slots instead of three.
  • Season Challenges
    • Streamlined UI
    • New Challenge Types: Win X battles using Y troops of a certain type, win X battles using Y spells of a certain type and win X War attacks.
  • Well Seasoned Achievement: Earned by hitting point thresholds in Season Challenges.
  • Clan Games Improvements
    • Tasks that aren't finished in time can be revived through Gems.
    • High performers during Clan Games can get an extra reward from any tier they choose.
  • Misc Changes
    • The "My Profile" and "My Clan" tabs have been updated to look much cooler!
        • My Profile
          • Edit and save your play style Labels
          • Display your active Hero Skins
          • Toggle "Clan Join Requests" from other Clans to show that you're open to receiving invitations from other Clans to join them
        • My Clan
          • New sub-tab added for Leaders and Co-Leaders to edit play style Labels
          • "Find New Members" feature added to allow Leaders and Co-Leaders to search for and recruit new members
          • Toggle ability to receive Join Requests from players
    • The Loot Cart now has a permanent spot next to the Trader's Tent and will no longer spawn at random locations around the base.
    • Moving Traps or Teslas will not trigger the layout cooldown when editing your Village.
    • In the Legend League, the layout cooldown calculation will now take into account how much matchmaking time is remaining and will adjust the cooldown accordingly, which should result in shorter cooldowns.
    • Decorations will no longer block certain attack positions, but will still affect pathing slightly.
    • Grand Warden's AI has been improved so he won't randomly abandon his group as easily.
    • To reduce the Clouds in Titan Leagues, Guard length has been reduced: Titan 2 from 3h to 2.5h; and in Titan 1 from 4h to 3h.
    • Builder Base trophy reset is now at 5,000 instead of 4,000. We also added better rewards for the 5,000-6,000 trophy range since the reset is now at 5,000.
    • Builder Base Gold Mine and Elixir Collector will now store 24h worth of production instead of 12h.
    • Shop offers have additional new graphics, sizes and effects
    • A warning is now shown Single Player maps if your Town Hall level is too low for the selected map.

As far as Clash of Clans updates are concerned, the October 2019 patch is a relatively thin one. That being said, some of the quality-of-life changes being made are quite worthwhile. Now that Global Chat has been removed, the new Clan Recruitment feature stands to be a much better alternative than what existed before. It allows those who wish to engage with Clash's critical social elements to become involved in a much more seamless fashion. As Clash of Clans continues to grow and support multiple play styles, the tags allow others to find a suitable partner. Beyond that, doubling Quick Train slots and taking measures to offer fair cooldowns is greatly appreciated too.

The Clash of Clans October 2019 update finds itself stuck between a rock in a hard place in terms of the game's overall development. Fans eager to see new troop levels or balance changes won't find those here, but Supercell insists major updates are due by the end of the year. Also, with major Clash of Clans esports events just weeks away, it makes sense to hold off on introducing significant overhauls to the meta. Nothing here reinvents Clash of Clans as fans know it, but some of the listed changes should make the game feel better.

Clash of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans October update? Were you expecting more from these patch notes? Tell us in the comments section!