'Clash of Clans' TH13 Revealed for December With New Hero, No Release Date

Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 has officially been revealed, and, although its exact release date has not been announced, we know it arrives in the game's December update. The upcoming patch also appears to feature a fourth Hero as well. The news was revealed via an official teaser video Tuesday morning.

Starting with the top-level reveals of the teaser, the one-minute clip discusses something that invades Villages and shapes attacks. We also see a bunch of Hog Riders arranged in the shape of "13." Not only does this overtly confirm the incoming arrival of Town Hall 13, but it also suggests players may gain the ability to deploy Troops in custom formations.

About 20 seconds into the teaser we also see this image. Off to the right is the shadow of something many believe to be a possible first look at the design of the Town Hall itself.

clash of clans town hall 13 shadow
'Clash of Clans' Town Hall 13 was announced via a new teaser? Does this silhouette show its design? 'Clash of Clans' is available now on Android and iOS. Supercell

The mystery compounds around four seconds later with this picture of a Hog Rider. There's something very curious floating in the background of the wintry landscape. Might that be some sort of holiday-themed loot drop, or is it yet another look at the design of Town Hall 13? Could the new base be a floating castle? Is it the hall itself that allows for the reshaping of Troop formations?

clash of clans town hall 13 winter
Is that Town Hall 13 floating in the background? Supercell

Perhaps the most obvious tease of the clip, though, happens around the 27-second mark. The torn photo clearly features the three known Heroes of Clash of Clans, but, if one looks closely, we see there's a fourth figure barely visible next to the Barbarian King. As of right now we can see the character's robes and a possible ponytail hairstyle. Unfortunately, no other details are visible.

clash of clans town hall 13 hero
If you look closely, there appears to be a fourth Hero next to the Barbarian King. Supercell

Last but not least is the curious case of the Builder who, seen here, looks like he's leaving the Home Village to head off towards the woods. This beloved character might have a new trick up his sleeve, or Supercell could simply be messing with fans. Either way, this Town Hall 13 teaser is full of interesting hints.

clash of clans town hall 13 builder
The Builder appears to be headed off to the woods for some reason. Supercell

With all these clues in mind, then, fans may be wondering when Town Hall 13 is expected to release. However, beyond the fairly wide December release window, an exact date is not yet known. Supercell Community Manager Darian recently took to reddit to dispel speculation of deployment on Friday, December 13.

"Nowhere in the video is a date given," Darian affirmed. "A lot of people have been assuming the 13th since it's Friday the 13th in December. As much as we'd love to release on Friday the 13th, unfortunately App stores are closed on the weekend. So if we released on Friday the 13th and there was a game-breaking bug discovered, you wouldn't get the fix/patch update until the following Monday since there'd be no one at Apple/Google/Kunlun/etc. to release it."

The announcement of Town Hall 13 in Clash of Clans arrives just one month after the release of an October update mostly focused on small adjustments and quality-of-life tweaks. At the time Supercell promised that future updates would provide more substantial overhauls to the game. If this teaser is any indication, we now know precisely what kinds of features the developer was referencing. A new Town Hall totally reshapes the meta whether players have reached max level or not, so this is an exciting reveal for clashers of all types.

Clash of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

Are you excited to see what Town Hall 13 brings to Clash of Clans? What do you think of the new Hero tease? Tell us in the comments section!

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