'Clash Royale' August Balance Update: Changes Coming for Inferno Dragon, Royal Hogs and More

On Friday, Supercell announced the next set of balance changes coming to "Clash Royale" Aug. 6. Find out all the cards getting buffs and nerfs and why Valkie isn't on this list, here.

The latest set of monthly balance changes for Clash Royale, expected to hit the arena Monday, Aug. 6, have been announced. In this update, the team re-examines nine different cards, including the newly released Royale Hogs. Conspicuously missing from the lineup is Valkyrie, a card the community feels is long overdue for some adjustments. Supercell's Rum Ham did assure players that changes for Valkyrie could be expected in the September update if this month's changes don't make things better.

"The biggest feedback about the balance update has been the lack of changes to Valkyrie. We are looking at Valkyrie for next month, but the first step was to buff alternatives," said @TheRumHam_CR in a Twitter post explaining the upcoming changes. "Ice Golem, Knight, and Valkyrie have all traded spots at the top of the use rate charts. Valkyrie's stats now are basically the same as Ice Golem before the nerf, and overall I think it's healthier for the game to have Valkyrie in that spot than Ice Golem. If the Knight buff does not even out the use rates of the mini-tanks, the Valkyrie will get a haircut next month. Remember, the difference between Valkyrie seeing no competitive play and being highly popular is 7 percent health, so the correct number is probably between a 2-5 percent nerf. It would be easy to overdo it and return her to obscurity which is not what we want. Let's see if Knight has a moment in the sun."

Here are all the cards receiving buffs and nerfs this month:

clash royale balance update august 2018 changes buffs nerfs valkyrie inferno dragon knight knock back
Nine cards are getting buffed or nerfed in the August 2018 balance update. Supercell

Cards Getting Nerfed

Inferno Dragon - This card's range will be decreased from 4.0 to 3.5 tiles. The card can now be knocked back as well. According to Supercell, Inferno Dragon has been one of the most impactful legendary troops since its introduction. While Inferno Dragon can be managed if you have the right troops in your lineup, coming to a match unprepared for his appearance can leave you pretty helpless. As such, with these changes the Inferno Dragon's range will be consistent with Baby Dragon, requiring him to move closer to targets. This change will also give the longer-reaching Inferno Tower a distinctive place in the game, setting it apart from the Inferno Dragon. The knockback feature will allow spells like Giant Snowball and Fireball to break through the Inferno Beam.

Tesla - This is one card I'm thankful to see getting an adjustment. The Tesla has enjoyed a higher use rate than all other defensive buildings combined and so this month it sees a nerf of not only lifespan but also hit speed. The update decreases the Tesla's Lifespan from 40 seconds to 35 and lowers its hit speed from 1 second to 1.1 seconds between blasts.

Bomb Tower - It was hard to decide whether this card belongs in the buff or nerf category. It becomes significantly weaker in this update, but it's also getting a reduced elixir cost from five elixirs to four making Bomb Tower a much less costly decision. To balance that however, the card is losing power in that it will see a Lifespan reduction from 40 seconds to 35 (like Tesla) and a hitpoint reduction of 33 percent. Only time will tell but while the changes to bomb tower this month will increase or decrease its usage in the arena, but it will make it less costly to thrown down as a counter against lower-cost swarms and Hog Rider.

Balloon - Like many powerhouse cards this month, the Balloon is also getting the knockback treatment, now making it susceptible to these types of attacks. The nerf will allow cards like Giant Snowball and Fireball to help counter the devastating LavaLoon deck combos. The change will also make it easier to isolate the balloon from its tank in these powerful combos.

Cards Getting Buffed

Royal Hogs - a newer card to the arena that the devs felt needed a little love. As such the Royal Hogs are getting a slight buff that makes the first attack faster. Instead of running up on a tower and then stopping to power up for an attack, they will now run full-speed into the Tower, hitting almost immediately upon impact.

Knight - in an effort to make it a more viable choice over powerful alternatives like Valkyrie, the Knight will see his damage increased by five percent this update. This will allow him to take out a Goblin with one blow and maybe even enjoy a little more play time in the arena.

Baby Dragon - This card will see both a buff and a nerf, hopefully making it a more viable choice in players' decks. Baby Dragon will now hit slightly faster decreasing from 1.6 seconds to 1.5 seconds between blows and increasing its effectiveness against cards like Minion Horde, Witch, and Goblin Gang. Like the Inferno Dragon, Baby Dragon also will now be subject to knock back damage.

Cannon Cart - I've personally never found much use for the Cannon Cart and have honestly rarely seen it played in the arena. It seems the devs have noticed the same trend and so the Cannon cart is getting a couple of buffs this month. The combo troop and defensive tower will receive a Lifespan increase from 20 to 30 seconds. The Cannon Cart will also be immune to knockback, hopefully giving it a place in the arena.

King Tower - In this month's changes, the Kings Tower is getting a buff, increasing its damage to match the two accompanying Princess Towers. This change was somewhat unexpected but comes as part of an ongoing effort to standardize the interactions across the game