'Clash Royale' Clan Wars Explained: How it Works, Rewards, Nudge Meaning and More

The long-awaited April Clan Wars update has finally arrived, but how do you get started? Find out everything about how Clan War works, rewards you can earn and the meaning of the mysterious "nudge" feature, here.

Clash Royale 's latest update has finally arrived and with it comes a brand new gameplay mode called Clan Wars. Though Supercell has teased the mode heavily over the last several months, it offered few concrete details about how it would work. Now that it has arrived, we've put together a complete guide to the new Game Mode and how to get started with it, plus details on rewards, features and more.

What Are Clan Wars? How Do They Work?

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Clan Wars is here, but how exactly does it work? Supercell

Clan Wars is a clan event that takes place over a two-day period and is all about working with your clan, so the first step to getting involved is to make sure you are in a clan with at least 10 members. If you aren't, try Clash Royale 's clan finding feature in the social tab or check out forums like reddit and Discord for more suggestions. Each day, you and your clan members will have specific tasks and goals to complete. You will compete against four other clans for the winner's glory and rewards. Here's the breakdown of what happens on each day of a Clan War.

Clan Wars Day 1: Collection Day

clash, royale, clan, wars, explained, nudge, meaning, rewards, how, it, works, new, update, 2018
Clan Wars Collection Day involves three battles. Supercell

The first day of a Clan War is all about collecting cards your team will end up using on Day 2: Battle Day. During the two-day Clan Wars event, each player will have four attacks to complete, three of which occur on Collection Day. Each attack you make on Collection Day will feature a particular gameplay mode. The modes will change from Wars to War, but currently, these are the three battle modes you'll be using:

  • Collection Day Battle Mode 1: 2v2 Battle
  • Collection Day Battle Mode 2: Draft Mode
  • Collection Day Battle Mode 3: Sudden Death

NOTE: You can choose any of the three available game modes for your collection day battles. This means if you want to do all three as 2v2 battles you can or any other arrangement. You just need to complete three to finish all your Collection Day goals. We'll be posting a guide soon on best Sudden Death decks to use in these challenges.

Collection Day Card Quality Factors

Three factors determine the quality and amount of cards you'll unlock during collection day. They are as follows:

  • Clan War League - The higher a league your clan is, the more cards you'll get in battle chests.
  • Number of Players - The more Clan members actively participating in a Clan War, the better as you'll unlock more cards this way.
  • Win/Loss Ratio - The more wins to losses you get, the better your clan will fare on Collection Day. The Win/Loss Ratio determines the level of your cards on Battle Day

The Win/Loss Ratio is a particularly important feature of this game mode: the better you do, the higher your card levels will be going into War Day. Even if your cards are leveled to the max in your personal collection, Clan Wars will take the lowest card level — either from Collection Day or personal collection stat — and use that as the card level going into War Day. This means clan members should make a good effort to win as many of their attacks as they can.

Here are a few additional tips regarding Clan Wars Collection Day

  • Every attack wins your clan some cards, though winning attacks net more. Losing battles appear to net 50 percent of the cards you'll get in winning battles.
  • Your clan will go into War Day with a minimum of eight cards in its collection.
  • If you leave your clan during a Clan Wars, you'll still actually be in the war.
  • Collection Day card unlocks are capped at 40, meaning there will be a maximum of 40 cards your clan can unlock. This will make each war different.

Clan Wars Day 2: War Day

clash, royale, clan, wars, explained, nudge, meaning, rewards, how, it, works, new, update, 2018
The final Clan Wars battle takes place on Day 2. Supercell

After you've completed collection day, you'll move on to War Day. On this day, you'll have one attack or battle, so you want to make it count. It's a good idea to chat with teammates if you aren't sure which deck to utilize in the battle. You'll also want to test out different decks in some friendly battles first if your Clan Wars cards are different from those you're accustomed to playing with.

Clan Wars Rewards

clash, royale, clan, wars, explained, nudge, meaning, rewards, how, it, works, new, update, 2018
You'll earn victory gold and cards for your clan collection as rewards during Clan Wars. Supercell

Clan Wars rewards work on a season model. A Clan Wars season lasts two weeks. Similar to the Ladder system, at the end of a season, Clash Royale will take the Clan War in which your clan earned the highest number of trophies and use it the basis for your reward. Since the season is two weeks in length and a Clan War lasts 2 days, Clans could compete in upwards 7 Wars per season. Here are the different rewards you'll get during and at the end of the season.

  • Victory Gold - for winning battles on Collection Day and War Day.
  • Seasonal Chest - based on Clan War with highest trophies.

Clan Wars & Social Tab Features: How To Use Nudge and More

clash, royale, clan, wars, explained, nudge, meaning, rewards, how, it, works, new, update, 2018
If you've gotten a nudge in Clash Royale, but aren't sure what it means, you probably need to check in on your Clan Wars tasks. Supercell

The old Clan tab has now become the social tab, home to Clan Chat and other things related to Clan Wars. The revamped tab comes with a number of new, unique features. Here's a quick rundown of different features and what they do.

  • Chat Tab - This is where you can go to talk with clan mates about Clan Wars strategy and so forth.
  • War Tab- This is where you see the current battles you still need to complete. There are several features to note on this tab alone.
    • Countdown Timer - In the upper left-hand corner is a countdown showing how much more time you have in that particular Clan War Day.
    • Clan Wars Stats - In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see an clan icon. Tap on it to get a menu with details about your clan, how many battles they've completed so far, cards they've earned for War Day, as well as Past Wars data.
    • Nudge - This is a great feature that is accessible to Clan leaders and co-leaders. If a clan war day is drawing to a close and you see a clan member hasn't completed all of his or her activities, by going to the Clan Wars stats icon and selecting the War tab, you can tap on the name of a clan member and press the "Nudge" button to remind him or her to complete unfinished activities. If you've received a Nudge in Clan Wars, but didn't know what it meant , it's a gentle reminder to get on the ball.
  • Live Notification - When a Clan War battle goes live, you'll see a "Live" notification flash across the Social Tab. This alert allows you to go spectate and cheer on your teammate in a live battle.
  • Card Collection Animation and Sound - If you are on the Clan Wars main page as a clan member finishes a match, you'll see an animation of cards going into your clan collection as well as the sound of gold coins being collected.

What do you think of the new Clan Wars feature? Has your clan gotten started? Share your thoughts in the comments below.