'Clash Royale' June 2018 Update: New Cards, Emote Decks, Chests Buffs and More Revealed

The Clash Royale June 2018 update is nearly here and Supercell just dropped its biggest set of Sneak Peeks yet. Check out everything coming to the Summer update including new cards, emotes, chests, league changes and more, here.

Supercell has been hard at work on the upcoming Clash Royale June update and, despite the company's decision to do away with Sneak Peeks during the last update, this week we've gotten a ton of info about what's ahead. Get ready for new cards, emotes, chests, league reworks and more. Details about the June 2018 update have been spread across a number of different videos, so we've put together a comprehensive rundown of everything revealed so far. As more Sneak Peeks surface, we'll be sure to update this post.

'Clash Royale; Sneak Peek: New Cards, Emote Decks, Chests and More Revealed Ahead of Summer Update

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12 new emotes are coming to Clash Royale during the June 2018 update. Supercell

Sneak Peek #1: New Emotes and Emotes Deck

Twelve new emotes are coming to the game, eight featuring goblins and four princess-themed. Up till now, there have only been four emotes to choose from, but Supercell says new emotes will be added on a regular basis. They will appear in the shop only, and they have to be purchased. Emotes will come in packs of four for $3, but it appears you can pick which four you want to purchase. Players will now have an extra tab next to their Battle Decks tab where they can put together a deck of emotes to levy against opponents during matches.

Sneak Peak #2: Ladder Changes

Bangs and Seth dropped some nice hints about the Ladder rework during the latest Radio Royale podcast, but with today's Sneak Peeks even more details have emerged. Here are the ladder changes players can expect:

  • League Matchmaking - A big problem with the current ladder matchmaking system came during the monthly resets. During that time, everyone that above 4,000 trophies would get reset to 4,000. "This is very unhealthy for matchmaking," said Bangs, "because it means someone who was at 4,000 could be matched against someone with 4,800 trophies and it's not very fair or fun for either." With that in mind, during resets players with 4,000 - 5,800 trophies will now only lose half the trophies above 4,000. Players over 7,600 will be reset to 5,800.
  • More Legendaries - To get players to push for higher trophy levels, every player above 5,200 will get more legendaries.
  • Uniform Overtime - Similar to gameplay during challenges, Ladder or League players above 4,000 trophies will get a uniform overtime of three minutes. This only applies to 1v1 matches.

Sneak Peek # 3: Card Unlocks Shuffled

With new players in mind, the update will see card unlocks rearranged in the various areas. "We're taking cards we think would be good for new players and moving them to lower arenas and cards that are maybe not appropriate for newer players and moving them up to higher arenas," said Banks during the latest Radio Royale podcast. The change is in an effort to help newer players build a wider variety of decks with better support and spells early on. For example, Hunter will now be available in Goblin Stadium, while Elite Barbarians are moving up to Hog Mountain. The changes should also have some positive implications for Ladder players as well.

Sneak Peek #4: Chest Buffs & Extra Gold

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Chests are getting buffed during the June 2018 update bringing Clash Royale players more gold and better chances at rare and epic cards. Supercell

Players will progress faster with the latest update. The new update buffs chests and also brings more gold to players. Here's everything we know about the economy changes.

  • Better Cards in Chests- the new chest rework will include greater chances to pull rare and epic cards over commons. Here is the breakdown by chest type:
    • Crown Chest - fewer commons, more rares, higher chances at epics and a lot more gold.
    • Silver Chest - more cards overall, two guaranteed rares in the legendary arena, and more gold.
    • Gold Chest - lots more gold, fewer commons and more rares
    • Magical Chests - fewer commons and rares, double the amount of epics.
    • Giant Chest - triple the gold.
  • Improved Clan War Rewards - Clan Wars is getting several updates (more details in Clan Wars section) but in terms of rewards, players can expect double gold out of every Clan Wars victory and double gold out of the final chest at the end of the season.
  • Better Rewards For Challenges - there are no specifics on this but the developer notes reveal plans for significantly better rewards during special challenges.

Sneak Peek #5: New Cards

clash, royale, June, 2018, update, new, cards, emote, deck, chests, buff sneak, peek, ladder, league, clan, wars, rework, balance changes snowball royal hogs
Royal Hogs and Giant Snowball are the new cards coming to the arena during the June 2018 update. Supercell

Two new cards are headed to the arena: Royal Hogs and Giant Snowball. To usher in the new cards there will be a new kind of Draft Challenge where players will have an opportunity to win both cards in one event. Here's how those cards will work:

  • Royal Hogs - These will cost five elixir and consists of four hogs you can send down one lane or split between two. Royal Hogs jump across the river and go for towers like a hog rider. They are good against cards usually used to counter a Hog Rider (ex: Mini Pekka). However, cards like Valkyrie, Bowler, and Bomb Tower do a good job of countering Royal Hogs as well as flash damage and area attackers.
  • Giant Snowball - a new two elixir spell, this one has a big splash rate, making it easy to hit a whole lot of troops at once. Everything hit takes a little bit of damage but the main effect is that they get knocked back and slowed down. Giant Snowball can be thought of as an Ice Wizard shooting a fireball that knocks back and slows down troops. It would have a similar use case as the zap or log spell. It counters goblin barrel, princesses at the river, minion hordes or goblin gang.

Sneak Peek #6: Clan Wars QOL Changes and New Collection Day Game Mode

Clan Wars is the newest feature added to the game and so a few Quality of Life changes are in order. Here are the changes you can expect.

  • QOL Changes
    • Donations won't block the Clan War tab anymore
    • You can browse other Clans' info on War Day
    • You can spectate enemy Clan Battles
    • You can copy your War decks into your personal collection
    • You can hide the social tab when you have to do a War Day battle.
    • If a player misses a War Day battle it gives them a pop up reminding them next time.
  • Clan Collection Improvements - Clans will be guaranteed at least two damaging dealing spells. You are also more likely to get lower arena cards including win conditions.
  • Draft Battle Balances - these battles will still be to tournament level standards but you'll get a much better balance of choices so you aren't at a huge disadvantage
  • Collection Day Game Mode Changes - To accommodate F2P players, Collection day will now always have either Draft Battles or Classic Deck battles available. Classic Decks is a new type of game mode being added to Clan Wars this update that essentially uses decks that feature win condition cards that most players will have unlocked. You can find out more details about these decks and the new game mode, here. In the meantime, here are all the Collection Day game modes you can expect to see after the update:
    • 1v1 - Classic Decks, Draft or Sudden Death
    • 2v2 - Normal Elixir or Double Elixir

Sneak Peek #7: Balance Changes

clash, royale, June, 2018, update, new, cards, emote, deck, chests, buff sneak, peek, ladder, league, clan, wars, rework, balance changes snowball royal hogs
Several cards will see balances during Clash Royale's summer update. Supercell

Several cards will be getting balance changes on June 20th. The date of the June update hasn't been specifically named, but we predict it will come alongside these balance changes.

  • Clone/Heal Spell - Radius increased from 3 to 4 - The skill of Clone and Heal is reading your opponent's hand and playing them when they don't have an answer. It shouldn't be a mechanically difficult card to execute, requiring perfect precision to catch your troops. Making them the same size as Arrows will allow players to target everything they want when the perfect time arrives!
  • Minions/Minion Horde - 0.15 sec added to deploy time between each Minion
  • Barbarian Barrel - Area Damage increased 17 percent. Barbarian spawn location visible. This change allows the card to now defeat Archers and higher leveled Dart Goblins, Princesses, and Goblins.
  • Mega Night and Bandit - Jump/Dash Minimum Range standardized to 3.5
  • Battle Ram, Prince, Dark Prince - Charge up distance standardized to 3.5
  • Mirror - Will no longer appear in opening hand
  • Magic Archer (Bug Fix) - Will no longer extend his range and accidentally wake up the King
  • Buildings (Bug Fix) - Will no longer occasionally stop shooting at the edge of their range