Girl With No Job Claudia Oshry May Be Out of A Job After Oath Cancels 'The Morning Breath'

Claudia Oshry may not share the same politically controversial and conspiracy-ridden views of her Islamaphobic mother Pamela Geller, but it's still costing the Instagram star—and her sisters—professionally. Just one day after the Internet learned that Oshry, the face behind the popular @GirlWithNoJob Instagram, and her sisters—Jackie, Olivia and Margo—were related to Geller, their daily talk show was canceled.

On Thursday, a spokesperson from tech platform Oath, which airs The Morning's Breath, released a statement to Newsweek. "The Morning Breath, an Oath social-media show, is being canceled immediately and we have launched an internal investigation and will take other appropriate steps based on the results of the investigation."

Along with the discontinuation of the show hosted by Claudia and Jackie Oshry—who runs the popular Instagram account @JackieOProblems—a statement to Daily Beast said officials were also considering the sisters' future employment with Oath, a company formed following AOL and Yahoo's 2017 merger.

Despite telling her nearly three million social media followers on Wednesday that the Oshry sisters weren't "anti-Muslim or anti-anyone," Claudia has shared her political opinions on her platforms in the past, including a 2012 tweet in which she alleged that former president Barack Obama was a Muslim: "I can't help but feel like I'm funding terrorism when I take a cab."

Following social media outrage over her relationship with Geller, the author of several anti-Islamic and conspiracy purporting books, Claudia offered an apology in an Instagram video posted on Thursday, distancing herself and her sisters from their mother's views. "First and foremost, I just need to apologize," she said. "Some news broke this morning about who my mom is and then some really disgusting, vile, stupid tweets of mine resurfaced.

"I need to come right out and say how sorry I am. It's not cool, it's not funny. I was a dumb kid," she went on. "I was 16 and I thought I was being funny and cool on Twitter—and it's not. I'm not racist. I can't believe I even have to say that."

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An apology to all of you.

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