'Claws' Season 2 Sneak Peek Teases Desna's Rise to Power While Uncle Daddy Takes the Backseat

Desna is officially in charge when Claws returns to TNT with Season 2 on Sunday.

A new sneak peek of the series' return depicts a bossy Desna, played by lead actress Niecy Nash, presiding over Uncle Daddy (Dean Norris) and the rest of the Dixie Mafia crew.

Decked out in a curve-hugging, bosom-revealing bodysuit, Desna starts to dish out orders while the gangsters lounge in the pedicure chairs at their headquarters, the Nail Artisans of Manatee County. Apparently, the numbers are down at their stash spot—although Kenneth insists the safe is "overflowing." Not to mention the gang's twice-weekly deposits aren't going to get them the money they need to keep the Russians satisfied.

So Desna lays down the new law of the land.

"Y'all will start collecting money from the clinic every day," Desna instructs before turning her attention to Daddy. "We also need a new wholesaler. I set up a meeting for you with a rep from Boca. He has a very competitive price on generic oxy."

Daddy, being his typical combative self, says he'd rather have the meeting at a fancier restaurant, so he can discuss a potential new deal over a lobster omelet that is "to die for." When Desna rejects his request, his sassy attitude starts to peak. "You know what Desna? Something tells me you're getting off on how shit's turned out."

"Welcome to the new normal," Desna snaps. "The Russians got y'all by the short hairs, ok.Y'alll pull up, or Riva's gone take you out."

After all, the Dixie Mafia wouldn't have been in this position had Daddy just given Riva (Andrea Sooch) Roller's (Jack Kesy) head on a spike as she requested in the Season 1 finale. Since Desna seems to be the only one capable of getting in Riva's ear, it's likely in the mob's best interest to follow her instructions.

Check out the sneak peek of Claw's premiere episode below.

Don't miss the Claws Season 2 premiere on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.