Dog Plays 'Drinking Game' With Owner in Hilarious Video

Spotty the Australian Shepherd played a German "drinking game" with his owner Sophie Paulin in a hilarious video. The clever dog played Looping Louie while under lockdown last year in Bobingen, Germany.

Normally reserved for children, the game sees players press a button to knock a rotating plane out of the path of their chickens and hopefully into another player's chickens. When only one player has any chickens left, they win the game.

However, Looping Louie is also played by adults as a drinking game. In this grown-up version of the game, when a player loses a chicken, they have to take a drink.

For a dog-friendly take on Looping Louie, Spotty got to drink sausage water out of a shot glass when he lost his final chicken—though some dogs may argue that sausage water is hardly a terrible consequence of losing.

Looping Louie is not the only game Spotty plays. A video of the clever dog is currently delighting social media users, who are impressed with his gaming abilities—though less so by his being a sore loser.

The viral clip sees Spotty carefully pick up a yellow counter before gently placing it in the grid, followed by his owner taking her turn with the red counter. Spotty then plays his second counter on top of his first, while Paulin drops her red counter to the side of hers.

The Australian Shepherd then places the third counter on top of his column, but his victory is thwarted by Paulin, who drops her red counter on top. Spotty then displays some unsportsmanlike behavior by attempting to block the red counter with his nose, before knocking the grid over with his paw.

But this time, there was no sausage water as a reward for losing.

The video, first shared in March 2020, is going viral again after being retweeted by Rex Chapman on Twitter, where it has been viewed over 150,000 times.

Twitter users are delighted by the hilarious video, like one user who said: "Pretty much the way I would have played it! Doggy is my Connect Four hero!"

Others have disapproved of his attitude to losing the game, as one user commented: "Snoop needs to work on his losing game. Poor sportsmanship on display here."

However, another viewer found the dog's response relatable and said: "Exactly what I would do when I used to know I would lose."

In a YouTube video caption, Paulin said that all of Spotty's tricks were taught using positive reinforcement only. Aside from playing games, Spotty can also dance, ride a scooter, and even skateboard.

Newsweek has contacted Sophie Paulin for comment.

Australian Shepherd
Stock image of an Australian Shepherd. An Australian Shepherd plays a 'drinking game' with his owner in a hilarious video. Bigandt_Photography/Getty