Who Killed Nick in 'Clickbait'?

Netflix crime drama Clickbait has kept fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish since it was released on Friday, August 25.

The new limited series is full of twists and turns and had viewers questioning who was responsible for Nick Brewer's death.

Nick, played by Adrian Grenier, was kidnapped and accused of abusing women when he was forced to appear in a video, which saw him holding a sign saying if it got 5 million views he would die.

The video, unsurprisingly, quickly gained traction and went viral, leaving Nick's wife Sophie (Betty Gabriel) and sister Pia (Zoe Kazan) at a loss as they rushed to find him and prove his innocence before it was too late.

Things don't go quite how fans may have thought in the show, and Newsweek can reveal who really was behind Nick's death—warning, major spoilers ahead.

Clickbait press still
Adrian Grenier as Nick Brewer in "Clickbait." Netflix

Was Nick Really Guilty of Abusing Women Online?

One of the limited series' twists came when the truth behind Nick's kidnapping was revealed.

Nick was kidnapped by a man named Simon (Daniel Henshall), who kidnapped him as an act of revenge after his sister Sarah (Taylor Ferguson) took her own life when she was dumped by her online "boyfriend."

Simon believed it was Nick who had broken his sister's heart, but in actuality Nick was a victim of catfishing and his likeness was used by his co-worker Dawn (Becca Lish) to dupe a number of women into having online "relationships" with her, including Sarah.

Who Was Responsible for Nick's Death?

After discovering the truth of the catfishing, Simon decides to let Nick go, thus revealing he was not in fact the one who killed him.

Rather than go home to his wife and sister, though, Nick decides to confront Dawn who he rightly sees as the person responsible for his kidnapping.

When he arrives at Dawn's home, Nick shares what happened to him and how her conversations with Sarah led to the young woman's death and his kidnapping.

He threatens to expose the truth of her toxic online behavior and catfishing, and tries to make her come with him to the police to confess.

Unfortunately his threats attract the attention of Dawn's husband Ed (Wally Dunn) who kills Nick on her behalf with a hammer he was using to destroy all the evidence of Dawn's catfishing ways.

They don't get away with it, though, as Ed was killed during a confrontation with police which also saw Dawn get arrested for her actions.

Clickbait is available to stream in full on Netflix.