Who Plays Detective Roshan Amiri in Netflix's 'Clickbait'?

Detective Roshan Amiri is the Oakland police detective who is investigating the case at the center of Netflix limited series Clickbait, which has become one of the most popular shows on the platform since its release.

The show focuses on Pia Brewer (Zoe Kazan), who tries to track down her brother Nick (Adrian Grenier) after videos surface of him online, suggesting he is being held hostage.

In the videos, his captors have forced him to hold up a sign saying he abuses women. The next card states that when the clip has reached 5million views, Nick will be killed. In a follow-up video uploaded to the same site, Nick is holding a sign saying he killed a woman.

Using both the power of social media and technology, the police, reporters, Nick's family and the public scramble to figure out his whereabouts.

While his sister Pia insists on his innocence and rebukes the claims made in the video, a series of twists and unexpected turns unearth all kinds of secrets that have been brewing under the surface.

While the whole cast have been praised widely online, in particular, viewers are hailing Detective Roshan Amiri.

Here, we take a look at the actor who plays him in Netflix's Clickbait.

Who Is Phoenix Raei?

Detective Roshan Amiri is played by Phoenix Raei.

Raei is an Australian actor, director and producer, having moved to Perth, Australia as a child from Shiraz, Iran.

As well as English, Raei also speaks Persian.

Is He In A Relationship?

Much to the disappointment of fans, Raei is in a relationship with fellow actor Kate Lister, with whom he manages production company Little Fish Films.

Lister also appeared in Clickbait as a reporter who hassled Pia for comments.

Is Phoenix Raei On Instagram?

Raei is indeed on Instagram, and can be found @phoenixraei.

He mostly shares images of his projects, including Clickbait, but also of his friends and family.

In April, he shared an image of him with Lister, with her wearing a ring on her left hand.

The image had the caption: "The knee was bent," indicating the pair recently became engaged.

What Other Movies and T.V. Shows Has He Been In?

Raei has been in the acting game professionally for some time, first appearing in a short film in 2014.

In his early career, Raei went by the name Nima Raei, using this when he wrote and directed his first film, Seven Storeys Down, in 2017.

Before 2017, he had appeared in small roles in film, but his T.V. debut came that year in soccer show Mustangs F.C.

In the same year he directed and wrote a mini-series, Murder, before appearing in supporting T.V. roles in shows such as Romper Stomper and Wentworth in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

In 2019 he also appeared in The Heights, before winning a role in the series Stateless, in which he appeared in five episodes in 2020.

Upcoming projects for Raei include his self-written, directed and produced short Schnook, and new movie Black Site.

'Clickbait' is available to stream on Netflix now.

Phoenix Raei as Detective Roshan Amiri
Phoenix Raei as Detective Roshan Amiri in Netflix series 'Clickbait' Netflix

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