Clingy Golden Retriever Follows Sick Owner Around in Funny Viral Video

No one likes being home sick, unable to leave the house. However, from a dog's perspective having their owner with them all day is no bad thing.

This is hilariously illustrated in a viral video, shared by an account called Reinaaa_11, which shows her golden retriever's reaction to her having to take days off work due to illness.

In the video, we can see a montage of the woman walking around the house as the dog, whose name is Annie, follows closely behind.

Text overlaying the footage of the clingy pooch, which has been watched 3.7 million times, reads: "When your hoomans [human] is sick and they're off for a while."

The clip is made all the more amusing because it is set to an audio snippet from the 2001 comedy Shrek, which sees Eddie Murphy's character, Donkey, excitedly telling the ogre protagonist: "We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I'm making waffles!"

Reinaaa_11 captioned the funny video, which can be watched here, writing: "Can't wait for those waffles Annie [laughing-face emoji]."

The humorous footage, which was shared on January 13, has gained lots of traction online, having received 331,000 likes and 30,600 shares.


can’t wait for those waffles annie 😂

♬ original sound - nina.escalanteallen

Nearly 650 TikTokers have also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the viral clip, with many discussing how their dogs acted like this when they isolated due to COVID-19.

One social media user, Mrssmitty, wrote: "Ugh. Just had to leave mine at home after a two week quarantine. I think we both cried as I slid out the door slowly."

Another person, Steph Olson, added: "You missed the perfect opportunity to say 'i'm making woofles' [sad face emoji]."

Brooke Noel shared: "My dog was so happy when the entire family had COVID. Like, it was the best two weeks of her life."

Kimberly Welch typed: "This is the best version I have seen so far. The last part was on point [smiley face emoji]."

Hailey Hernandez revealed: "Off work for two weeks because of COVID and my dog definitely loved it."

Mace revealed: "My husky is Annie. She does the same thing [laughing-face emoji]."

Bruhgirlstuff13 revealed: "Then they [dogs] get all sad when we go back to work [sad face emoji]."

:) commented: "I've been home since the 7th with COVID and I don't go back until Monday. My cat is going to be so mad."

Alicia stated: "My pup is excited that the school closed due to COVID."

golden retriever on sofa
A stock image of a golden retriever lying on a sofa. A similar-looking pet has gone viral due to her clingy behavior when her owner was off sick. iStock