‘Fortnite’ Close Encounters Showed Me What True Fun Feels Like

Fortnite’s newest limited time mode is supposed to be “Close Encounters,” but the game mode is down due to bugged ammo. In this LTM, players shoot each other with shotguns, riding  jetpacks in the most spastic fire fights to ever come out of the battle royale. I managed to get a couple of games in before the LTM was taken down and had a blast. I’m generally awful at the game, as I have the aim of a blind old man crossed with a chihuahua. Most of the time, if I get a kill, it’s because my enemy stayed still or just walked directly in front of my blast.

My first game of “Close Encounters” was a disgrace; I died from fall damage from taking my jetpack too high and then running out of fuel. The next two were just as lame, dying in the first couple dozen players without even collecting a gun. Things started to get fun when I got queued alongside my new favorite player, “weeweebreath,” who I’ll call WWB for brevity. WWB and I dropped in Tilted Towers and I was worried for our safety. A lone enemy  building walls for protection stood in our way, but WWB had him covered. Moron after moron got popped with his shotgun, even giving me a few execute kills to finish my battle pass quests.

fortnite jetpack close encounters guide Fortnite Close Encounters needs to come back Epic Games

WWB fell in a duel, but I had his back and had the best aim I’ve ever had. Resurrecting him, I felt a kindred bond between our wee wees, even though we both weren’t using microphone comms.

I had never had this much fun in Fortnite before. Bouncing around with jetpacks, shooting enemies and doing well was a new experience for my awful ass. Eventually, our hubris would be our downfall and WWB fell to a shotgun blast from a hidden Omega suit who had the high ground. I turned around and tried my best to kill the jumping shotgun madman, but failed. We reached the top 12 players on the map, which felt like an honest win to me.

After the match, I tried to add WWB but he declined my invite. I’ll remember that match fondly forever, the first (and hopefully not last) time I enjoyed Fortnite . Epic Games needs to fix the “Close Encounters” bug so I can play again.   

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to prepare to watch Keemstar’s “Friday Fortnite” extravaganza.