Closure: Cubs Fan Steve Bartman

News stories captivate us for a moment and then vanish. We revisit those stories to bring you the next chapter.

Oct. 14, 2003: The Chicago Cubs are just five outs away from their first trip to the World Series since 1945 when 26-year-old superfan Steve Bartman interferes with a foul ball that Cubs left fielder Moises Alou appears primed to catch. The Florida Marlins score eight runs, force a Game 7 and win the pennant.

For weeks, Bartman is besieged by death threats, and TV trucks surround his house. The governor of Illinois suggests he join the Witness Protection Program, while Florida Gov. Jeb Bush offers him asylum. The ball fetches $100,000 at auction and is publicly exploded.

The Cubs are in first place in their division and Bartman-mania has resurfaced, though Bartman remains reclusive as ever. Family friend Frank Murtha, who handles interview requests and has granted none in the past five years, says only that Bartman "has not put his life on hold." He still lives with his parents in Northbrook, Ill., and continues to work at a consulting firm and, presumably, root for the Cubbies.