CNN Anchor Mocks Jeff Sessions for 'Groveling' After Trump Called Him a 'Dumb Southerner': 'Where Are Your Balls, Sir?'

CNN anchor S.E. Cupp on Saturday afternoon mocked former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for "groveling" to Donald Trump in his first Senate campaign advertisement despite being verbally berated by the president.

"President Trump called him weak, confused, ineffective. He allegedly called him a dumb southerner and according to The New York Times, an idiot to his face. How has Jeff Sessions—his fired Attorney General—responded to those humiliating insults. Take a look," Cupp said, before playing a clip from the ad.

With a vacant face, Sessions stared straight into the camera in front of a gray backdrop and detailed how well behaved he has been since being dismissed from Trump's cabinet last year. "When I left President Trump's Cabinet, did I write a tell-all book? No!" he said as he announced his bid for a seat in the Alabama Senate. "Did I go on CNN and attack the president? Nope! Have I said a cross word about our president? Not one time."

Commenting on Sessions' ad to reclaim his old Alabama Senate seat, Cupp called the performance "pathetic."

"Sessions joins a long line of GOP heavy weights who have groveled at the feet of the president, despite being personally insulted and humiliated by him," she noted, before listing other Republicans who have also praised and protected Trump after suffering from harsh verbal abuse by the president.

"Trump once called Rand Paul a 'delusional narcissist' and 'fake conservative.' Trump once gave out Lindsey Graham's personal cell phone number on national television. He insulted Ted Cruz's wife, attacked his faith, questioned his citizenship, and accused his dad of being involved in the Kennedy assassination," she said, "yet all three have lined up behind Trump to shield him from oversight and defend his regular abuses of power. And for what? We'll have to see what this grand bargain gets them in the end."

After welcoming her guests on the show, Democratic strategist Aisha Moodie-Mills and Republican political consultant John Brabender, Cupp revealed what she wants to say to Sessions. "Have you no balls, Sir? Where are your balls? That ad was pathetic," she said to Brabender. "You would never make an ad like that for a candidate."

"I would not have executed it that way," Brabender admitted, prompting laughter from Cupp and Moodie-Mills. "I understand what he's trying to do, but here's what he really should have been talking about: Nobody fought harder for the Trump agenda than Jeff Sessions. He was the first Senator to actually come out and endorse Donald Trump."

Sessions focused on touting his good behavior in relation to Trump so heavily during the ad that he failed to mention the Senate candidacy in which the clip was meant to promote. "I was there to serve his agenda, not mine," he concluded in the roughly 30-second video.

Meanwhile on Saturday, Trump was spotted at a collegiate football game in Sessions' home state of Alabama with Bradley Byrne, who represents Alabama's First Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives and is Sessions' opponent in the Senate primary race.

S.E. Cupp Jeff Sessions ad
CNN anchor S.E. Cupp mocked Jeff Sessions on Saturday for "groveling" to Trump in an advertisement despite being being verbally abused by the president. CNN/Screenshot