Video: CNN Host Don Lemon Revels in Donald Trump's Problems—'There's Always a Tape or Tweet for Everything'

CNN anchor Don Lemon picked apart recent decisions by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, noting there is always a tape or tweet online that contradicts his actions.

On his show CNN Tonight, Lemon published footage of Trump being interviewed by Larry King back in 1999 that appeared to conflict with his lawyer Rudy Giuliani's assertion this week that the president may have had limited knowledge of how campaign finance laws work.

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"Nobody knows more about campaign finance than I do," Trump was heard boasting in the clip. "Uh oh," Lemon said. "Sounds like Donald Trump knows plenty about campaign finance. A fact that could certainly backfire on him. There's always a tape or a tweet for everything."

The president's words on his Twitter feed have come back to haunt him on numerous occasions. And recordings, like the infamous Access Hollywood tape, have caused him significant controversy.

At one point, there was a Twitter account dedicated to collating his social mishaps. In some of the more amusing updates, Trump criticized Barack Obama for activities was also doing. In 2014, for example, he slammed the former Democrat president for playing too much golf.

The latest example of a re-surfaced recording may be more serious than most, however.

Attention quickly turned to Trump's knowledge on the topic of finance laws after his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, appeared to implicate him in alleged hush payments to multiple women during his presidential campaign. The intent was to influence the election, officials stated.

Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York alleged Cohen "acted in coordination with and at the direction" of Trump, labeled as "Individual-1" in legal filings, in relation to the payments. As previously reported, Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison earlier this month.

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that legal statements made by Trump dating back "decades" indicate he is well-versed in campaign laws. The reporting, which cited legal experts, suggested that Trump's knowledge would be a critical factor in a criminal case being brought against him. Prosecutors must prove that he willfully violated laws, it was noted.

But the president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, told The Wall Street Journal this week: "Honestly, I don't think [Trump's] knowledge goes that deep because mine didn't until I researched it."

Lemon went on to criticize the president's plans for a "big" and "beautiful" border wall paid for by Mexico. "Doesn't look that way," he quipped, noting the president's own words now make it sounds more like a fence. And he slammed the sudden decision to remove the military from Syria while claiming the Islamic State group (ISIS) had been defeated by the U.S. "We have won," he said on Twitter.

"Mission accomplished, anyone?" Lemon said, referencing the infamous claim by George W. Bush aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in 2013 who asserted "the battle of Iraq" had been won by the U.S. and its allies.

Last Friday, Cohen told Good Morning America Trump was aware of hush-money payments to the two women, Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels. "He directed me to make the payments, he directed me to become involved in these matters," the president's former "fixer" alleged.