CNN's Don Lemon Says Biggest Terror Threat In Country Is White Men: 'We Have To Start Doing Something About Them'

Don Lemon Says Biggest Threat is White Men
Don Lemon attends the Point Honors New York Gala in New York City on April 9, 2018. Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

In a segment on Cuomo Prime Time Tuesday night discussing the recent supermarket shooting being investigated as a hate crime, CNN anchor Don Lemon said "the biggest terror threat" in the United States "is white men."

Lemon started out by saying "any one group or any one ethnicity" should not be demonized.

"I keep trying to point out to people not to demonize any one group or any one ethnicity," Lemon told fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo on the segment "But we keep thinking that the biggest terror threat is something else—some people who are marching toward the border like its imminent, and when the last time they did this a couple hundred people came and they, most of them didn't get into the country. Most of them got tuckered out before they even made it to the border."

Lemon was referring to the migrant caravan heading toward the United States that has recently made headlines. President Donald Trump recently called the caravan "an invasion of our country," and announced that troops would be deployed to the border.

In the segment, Lemon and Cuomo were discussing a recent deadly shooting at a Kroger supermarket in Kentucky, which authorities announced was being investigated as a hate crime. A 51-year-old white man named Gregory Bush was accused of killing two black people, Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones. The suspect also reportedly tried to enter a black church before opening fire in the grocery store.

"So we have to stop demonizing people, and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them," Lemon continued. "There is no travel ban on them, there is no ban—you know, they have the Muslim ban—there is no white guy ban, so what do we do about that?"