CNN Host Claims Poll Showing Increased Black Support for Trump is Fake, Jokes Only Kanye West, Ben Carson Surveyed

CNN host Ana Navarro-Cárdenas said recent polls showing black voter support increasing for President Donald Trump are fake, quipping that only Kanye West and other black Trump surrogates were surveyed.

Navarro-Cárdenas accused a pair of polls released earlier this week from Rasmussen Reports and Emerson College of being "zero" percent accurate. The Republican strategist, but longtime Trump critic, joked Tuesday that polls showing more than one-third of black Americans supporting Trump must have only surveyed rapper Kanye West, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, former Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke and video bloggers Diamond and Silk. The polls were widely disseminated and touted by conservative news outlets and reinvigorated debate going back to 2016 over whether Rasmussen is "biased" in favor of Trump.

"Zero chance this is accurate. Zero. The poll must have only been conducted in the homes of Ben Carson, Kanye, that sheriff guy with the hat and those two Cubic Zirconia & Polyester-Spandex ladies," Navarro wrote on Twitter Monday evening.

The Rasmussen poll released earlier this week showed "black American support President Trump" sitting at just over one-third, or 34 percent of those surveyed nationwide. Emerson College Polling reflected the same, showing Trump with 34.5 percent of support from black Americans.

Rasmussen Reports data released Monday showed that a majority of likely black voters, 53 percent, believe the news media are "trying to help impeach Trump." Additionally, the polls claimed 60 percent of other minority likely voters believe media outlets are pushing for impeachment.

The CNN host had plenty of support for her Rasmussen bias and inaccuracy claim, with pollster Frank Luntz noting past discrepancies from the polling firm about black voters supporting Trump ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

"One week before the 2018 elections, Rasmussen had President Trump's support among black Americans at 40 percent. According to exit polls, only 8 percent of black voters nationwide voted for Republican candidates," Luntz tweeted Monday.

"There are a whole bunch of black people in Louisiana. Did they vote 34% for the Republican after 45 BEGGED them to 3 times? NOPE! Not even close," remarked Pam Keith, former Democratic Florida congressional candidate, also calling the numbers into question.

Polls from both Emerson and Rasmussen released Tuesday also praised the president, noting, "@realdonaldTrump daily approval is up," before adding that the polling data would cease until after the Thanksgiving holiday. Meanwhile, corresponding polling data released by CNN on Tuesday showed 50 percent of Americans would like to see Trump impeached, numbers which haven't budged much despite a week of public hearings on the Ukraine quid pro quo scandal.

Additional Rasmussen polls released in the past week included that only 38 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the right direction, and that the House impeachment inquiry hearings have not done much to sway overall public opinion of impeaching the president.

Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro mocked polls showing more than one-third of black Americans supporting President Donald Trump as fake. Greg Doherty/Getty Images