CNN Has Another Suspicious Package Intercepted as Donald Trump Labels Media 'True Enemy of the People'

A suspicious package addressed to CNN's headquarters in Atlanta was intercepted Monday by a post office in the city, according to a statement from Jeff Zucker, president of CNN.

Zucker said there was no imminent danger and that all mail addressed to CNN bureaus in the United States was being screened at offsite facilities since the company was targeted last week by a series of pipe bombs sent in the mail, allegedly by Cesar Sayoc.

CNN reported later Monday morning that the package was similar in appearance to the other pipe bombs allegedly sent by Sayoc, but authorities had not yet confirmed whether it was directly tied to those mailed by Sayoc before his arrest on Friday.

"This package would not have come directly to the CNN Center, even if it hadn't been intercepted first," Zucker said. "Our screening process is working, and we will keep you updated as we learn more."

Local ABC affiliate WSB-TV reported that the post office downtown had been evacuated.

This is the third suspicious package to target the media company in the past week. Sayoc, who appeared at rallies for President Donald Trump and had a van covered with pictures of the president, was allegedly responsible for mailing two other pipe bomb packages that were sent to CNN's New York offices but addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Trump has continued to attack those who were the intended targets of the series of 14 bombs, including prominent Democrats, his critics and the media. On Monday morning, despite calls from critics and some supporters for him to measure his rhetoric, the president again called the press the "enemy of the people."

"There is great anger in our Country caused in part by inaccurate, and even fraudulent, reporting of the news," Trump tweeted. "The Fake News Media, the true Enemy of the People, must stop the open & obvious hostility & report the news accurately & fairly. That will do much to put out the flame of Anger and Outrage and we will then be able to bring all sides together in Peace and Harmony. Fake News Must End!"

Update: This story has been updated to provide further information that the appearance of the suspicious package was similar to the series of pipe bombs mailed last week.