'Cobra Kai' Is Breaking Major Netflix Records

Cobra Kai may have been around for two years already, but it was summer 2020 when the show became a big breakout hit. After its first seasons streamed on YouTube in 2018 and 2019, they came to Netflix on August 28, where it instantly shot the top of the Netflix charts in the U.S. Now, nearly four weeks after it reached the top of the Netflix series charts, it is still at number three in the top 10.

On Tuesday, September 23, this means that the show broke a record for non-Netflix originals. Between August 29, when the show first debuted at number one on the chart, and September 19, when it dropped to number four, it managed to stay in the top three of the chart for 21 days—the longest any non-Netflix original has stayed in the top three since All-American, which managed 17 days earlier in the year.

The Karate Kid spin-off was also agonizingly close to setting the record for the longest run in the top three of the Netflix chart for any scripted show. It has been beaten by Ozark, which managed 22 consecutive days at either number one, two or three on the Netflix top 10 chart.

At time of writing, Cobra Kai is back at number three in the chart, having moved back up from number four. This means that the show has already spent 26 days on the Netflix top 10. This means that it is already in the top 10 of shows which have spent the most time in the chart. The 10 shows which have so far spent the most time in the Netflix chart are as follows:

cobra kai karate kid sequel
Ralph Macchio and William Zabka in 'The Karate Kid' sequel 'Cobra Kai' Netflix

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender: 60 days
2. Ozark: 57 days
3. Outer Banks: 51 days
4. Tiger King: 50 days
5. All American: 42 days
6. Love is Blind: 39 days
7. Space Force: 34 days
8. Dead to Me: 32 days
9. 13 Reasons Why: 28 days
10. Cobra Kai: 26 days

According to streaming chart aggregator FlixPatrol, Cobra Kai is the second most-watched show in the world on Netflix this month (behind Lucifer). In the U.S., meanwhile, it is the most-watched show of the month, beating the Hillary Swank space drama Away.

Despite only being out for under a month, the series is just outside of the top 10 most-watched shows of the year in the U.S.. Cobra Kai is currently the 13th most-watched show of the year on the streamer and, if it stays as high as it is on the Netflix chart right now, it will move past Dead to Me, 13 Reasons Why and Space Force by the end of the week to make the top 10.

In the world, charts it is doing even better. It is currently at number 12, with only It's Okay to Not Be Okay and Warrior Nun preventing it from getting a place in the yearly top 10.

Cobra Kai Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Netflix; Season 3 is coming soon.