Coca-Cola Launches New Flavor Coke Ginger—But Is It Any Good?

Coca-Cola bottles
Bottles of Coca-Cola, San Francisco, July 17, 2006. The last time a new flavor was introduced was in 2002. Justin Sullivan/Getty

The limited edition line, exclusive to Australia, reportedly tastes like regular Coke mixed with ginger beer.

Labels on the new Coke bottles are similar to the original, but feature strips of gold and both the plastic and glass bottles have gold lids.

How ridiculous are Coke's attempts to get more ppl to buy their poison by adding faux ginger to it.

— 🐨 Suburban Left Wing Elite Susan 😷 (@SElizaP) October 21, 2016

It is the first new flavor since the launch of Vanilla Coke in 2002. But it is only a temporary addition for now, and reactions so far have been mixed.

Coke Ginger. I'm intrigued @CocaCola

— Mike Moore (@_mikeamoore) November 1, 2016

Lisa Winn, marketing director at Coca-Cola South Pacific, told "How quickly it comes and goes in the market will depend on how popular it is. We anticipate it will be three or four months."

it tastes like what you'd expect, i suppose. if you like ginger beer, you'll love ginger coke. if you love ginger ale, well, not so much.

— Jonathan Khoo (@jonk) October 31, 2016