Cocaine-Fueled Russian Roulette Game Between Colorado Roommates Ends in Tragedy

Marquis Leon Brooks revolver
Inset: Marquis Leon Brooks played Russian Roulette with a revolver in his Colorado apartment and ended up killing his friend and roommate. Reuters/Westminster Police

Two men high and drugs and alcohol decided to play a deadly game of Russian roulette that would cost one of them their life. The other now faces manslaughter charges after a fateful night at their apartment in Westminster, Colorado.

After talking about suicide, Marquis Leon Brooks is alleged to have emptied all but one of the bullets from his revolver and spun the chamber before pointing the gun at his head, reported the Denver Post, citing court records. "Let's see if this is my time," Brooks said, before pulling the trigger.

It was not the 21-year-old's time. His friend and roommate Zachary Espinosa-Bivens took up the challenge. "Let's see if it's my time," Espinosa-Bivens allegedly said. So Brooks pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger. It successfully fired.

Andrew Duran and Elmer Trujillo were also in the apartment that night on February 22. The four men had reportedly been drinking alcohol and Brooks had ingested a heady mix of liquor, Xanax and cocaine.

The three surviving men then fled the scene in a vehicle driven by Brooks, who was shouting "what should I do, what should I do." But the red Nissan vehicle was stopped by police at around 2:00am and Brooks was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Police found him to be carrying two 45-caliber bullets and two grams of cocaine, reported Denver7.

The two others were released. But a short while after, Duran contacted the police to inform them of the earlier shooting. Police later arrived at an address in Edgewood Apartments located at 6980 Stuart Street where they found the body of Espinosa-Bivens. He had a gunshot wound to the head.

Brooks, who is being held on a $10,000 bond, claims the incident was an accident. On top of the manslaughter charge, he also faces counts of possession of a controlled substance, special offenses involving a deadly weapon and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reported Denver7. He will have a preliminary hearing on March 23 at Adams County Court.