Drug smugglers lost out on a shipment of cocaine hidden in crates of bananas after it was delivered to Czech supermarkets before it could be intercepted in Germany.

The entire haul was eventually seized by cops when supermarket workers at different stores across the country started discovering the powder-filled packages in the banana crates.

Footage obtained from the Czech police shows a police officer and sniffer dog inspecting a shipment of several crates of bananas, which had reportedly originated in Colombia.

The drugs, delivered as blocks of pressed cocaine with a total weight of 1,851 pounds and with a street value of approximately $83 million, had transited via the German port of Hamburg, the largest port in Europe after Rotterdam in the Netherlands, before arriving in the Czech Republic.

Cops in the Czech Republic said they seized nearly 2,200 pounds of cocaine with a street value of about $83 million among crates of bananas that were flagged by supermarket workers in different stores.@PolicieCZ/Zenger

Supermarket workers in the Czech capital city of Prague, and in the towns of Jicin and Rychnov nad Kněžnou, then reportedly discovered the suspicious blocks of white powder before alerting the authorities, who dispatched officers with canine units to investigate.

The Czech police said in a statement on Friday that they discovered the pressed cocaine cubes in banana boxes. They said: "Criminal investigators found that goods of the same batch were distributed to several other places in the Czech Republic.

"Therefore, in cooperation with the [Customs Administration of the Czech Republic] and other entities, it is currently conducting inspections of these places and other actions."

The Czech police added that they were now looking to work with international authorities to further their investigation. They said: "Information about consignments is kept outside the territory of the Czech Republic, for this reason we will use the institute of international police and judicial cooperation.

"The case was taken over by the National Drug Control Center, which will conduct the investigation. We will provide more information as soon as possible."

A police officer and sniffer dog conduct inspections after cocaine cubes were found in banana boxes by supermarket workers.@PolicieCZ/Zenger

The investigation into the shipment of drugs hidden inside banana crates is ongoing.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said in its latest report, released in 2021, that "Cocaine manufacture reached record levels in 2019 despite growth losing momentum. The output of global cocaine manufacture doubled between 2014 and 2019 to reach an estimated 1,784 tons (expressed at 100 percent purity) in 2019, the highest level ever recorded."

The UNODC added: "In 2019, Colombia continued to account for the vast majority of the global area under coca bush cultivation (two-thirds) [...]."

This story was provided to Newsweek by Zenger News.