Musicians Bring Concerts Online as Tours and Shows Are Canceled: Code Orange and Gnash Play Livestreams

With shows and tours facing postponement and cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic, some musicians have taken to livestreaming their concerts online so fans can experience live music from the comfort of their own homes.


— Code Orange (@codeorangetoth) March 13, 2020

The news that Pennsylvania metalcore band Code Orange would need to postpone their album release show for their latest album Underneath (which was released Friday) at Pittsburgh's The Roxian was a devastating blow to the band. Besides live performances being such an integral part of the album promotion process, the quintet wrote in a tweet that they'd planned for the show to be a "cathartic release." The Grammy-nominated band decided to bring their show to online video-streaming platform Twitch, performing in the empty venue for fans to enjoy.

"[W]e have been racking our brains on how to present our art live in this extremely uncertain time-one that truly reflects everything we are trying to work through on Underneath," the band wrote in a statement "Things feel cold, ruthless, noisey [sic], confusing and disconnected. But we all must refuse to tap out."

The event, called Last Ones Left: In Fear of The End, will be broadcast beginning at 9 p.m. EST. The band wrote that fans will be able to donate money and purchase merch that was to be sold at the gig, via the online show.

Code Orange drummer and vocalist Jami Morgan told Newsweek that they decided to perform the concert after making every effort to have it happen as planned. He said after all the work put in, the hardcore idols had to do the show at least once.

"We need to make two versions of this plan. One: that we could maybe still do this, with the show, because we don't know what's going to happen going forward," Morgan told Newsweek. "Another: we do it empty-arena match style and be the first ones to do it, and try to give everyone the show we've been working so hard on, and turn this negative to at least a little bit of a positive or something enjoyable for people who like heavy music."

Morgan is still hopeful that the show will be great, and possibly better, due to the circumstances.

"In my opinion, it could be truly classic, because I can't think of anyone doing this. People have livestreamed, but an empty venue livestream? It's going to be surreal. It's gonna be weird," he said. "We're gonna go so goddamn hard, and we're gonna bring it, maybe even harder than we would have at a normal show, because this means a lot now, and this symbolizes something now. That's inspiring to us. We want to maybe give a little bit of light in some kind of way."

"Let this be known: we love and respect you all and we hope you can enjoy this record. It feels eerily timely..." the band wrote before including a line from the title track from Underneath.

Code Orange
Code Orange performs onstage during Adult Swim Festival 2018 at ROW DTLA on October 7, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Code Orange's record release show for their latest album "Underneath" was postponed due to the coronavirus. Vivien Killilea/Getty

While Code Orange are taking their livestream to the next level by performing in an empty venue, other artists have done something similar Alternative rapper Gnash played an acoustic set broadcast via Instagram Live on Friday. "I know this is a hard time in the world to have hope and confidence in the beauty of tomorrow, but I just want to remind you that I'm extremely grateful for you, and I like you just the way you are, and thank you for existing," Gnash said during the livestream.

hi he owns every single ounce of my heart 💜 🌻 @gnash

— 🌿 caitlin marie⁷ 🌿 (@thecaitlinmarie) March 14, 2020

Electronic music artist Diplo also streamed a set from his living room.

Even though shows are being canceled it's really awesome that we live in a time where we can watch artists live stream sets! :) @diplo had a vibe going in his living room!

— Alexis✨ (@Amusedbyalexis) March 14, 2020

U.K. rocker Yungblud announced that he would livestream a gig on Monday.

Other artists have tweeted that they were looking into online options, Against Me's Laura Jane Grace responded to a fan that she'd look into streaming a practice session. Punk up-and-comers Spanish Love Songs tweeted that they were looking into ways that they could stream shows, after their tour with The Wonder Years was postponed. Circa Survive's Anthony Green also said he was looking for alternatives for fans craving the live experience.

Working on it.

— Spanish Love Songs (@SpanishLuvSongs) March 13, 2020

Im working on setting something up to start playing online shows on a weekly basis.

— anthony green (@AnthonyGreen) March 12, 2020