College Admissions Scandal 2019: Applicants, Parents, Others Speak Out

Federal prosecutors Tuesday charged 50 people with bribery and cheating to get college applicants into prestigious universities, from Yale to Stanford, USC to Georgetown and other major colleges in between.

Those charged range from Hollywood celebrities to top business leaders and even some college athletics coaches. In all, about $6.5 million of "bribery" flowed from wealthy parents to test administrators and college coaches in Olympic sports through wire fraud, money laundering and mail fraud.

The bombshell report released Tuesday morning had comments flying on social media from coast to coast, and from college applicants to parents overseeing their children's application processes. It has universities and college review boards issuing statements, and some college coaches have already been terminated.

Here's the list of people with their respective charges and indictments.

College Confidential is a website geared to help potential college students and their parents or guardians help narrow down college choices, gives test prep and career advice, and it hosts an online forum for all of its users to interact, Once news of the scandal hit Tuesday morning, social media and college prep websites got flooded with responses, views and opinions.

One user on wrote, "The Yale head women's soccer coach charging document is particularly damning, she apparently took bribes directly from an applicants father in a hotel room encounter that was filmed by the FBI." Here's the official charge of former Yale coach Rudolph "Rudy" Meredith.

Twitter users also chimed in. CNN co-anchor Jim Sciutto sent this tweet Tuesday:

"What could be seedier than this story? There is test cheating, tax cheating, faking charitable donations, faking learning disabilities, paying and taking bribes, and lying so that rich families could steal places for their children from deserving students. A story for our times."

This chocolate chip eater with Texas Lutheran plastered on her Twitter page wrote: "Part of me feels like I shouldn't criticize the students that benefited from the #CollegeAdmissionsScandal because they may not have known about the actions of their parents, & the other part of me can almost HEAR them saying, "My parents didn't help me get in. I did it myself."

Kellyanne Conway said actresses Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman, who were both named in the federal suit, wanted their children into good schools because "They worried their daughters are as stupid as their mothers."

"Stop telling us we can do ANYthing if we "work hard." Systemetic oppression and privilege are REAL. Affirmative action is looked down on while the mediocre yet elite literally buy their way in #collegescam #collegeadmissionsscandal #AdmissionsScam"

Rep. Jimmy Gomez from Los Angeles said he was "pissed off" at the college admissions scam, of which two of the stated schools — UCLA and USC — are in his backyard.

"Frankly, I'm pissed off!

I worked 2 jobs and went to a #CommunityCollege so I could go to @UCLA and the @Kennedy_School.

How many kids who share my story were robbed of THEIR opportunity by parents who bribed their way through the system?"