Collusion Between Democrats and the Media Reaches a New Low | Opinion

Last Thursday, The Atlantic published a story falsely claiming that President Trump—the same president who has always put our military and veterans first—allegedly disrespected veterans in comments made when he was unable to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018 due to inclement weather. The Atlantic's editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, threw these accusations at President Trump without providing any sources on the record. Mr. Goldberg's entire backup consists of only anonymous sourcing, thus making it impossible for the reader or other outlets to actually fact-check the story.

However, despite no known sources publicly coming forward and attesting that they provided Mr. Goldberg with this "information," Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media ran wild with the false tale—very much including former Vice President Joe Biden. Opponents of the president deliberately ignored the fact that as soon as The Atlantic published the article, on-the-record statement after statement from actual firsthand witnesses of the discussions at issue came out to discredit Mr. Goldberg's claims.

One key denial came from Zach Fuentes, who worked as the deputy White House chief of staff under President Trump's former chief of staff, John Kelly. Mr. Fuentes stated that he "did not hear [President Trump] call anyone losers," totally discrediting Mr. Goldberg's central claim. Fuentes added that the anonymous sources "are unlikely firsthand accounts." Overall, over 10 administration officials who were on the trip to France in 2018 have gone on the record to refute Mr. Goldberg's claims, including former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Mrs. Sanders accompanied the president to France and called The Atlantic's article "total B.S."

Even former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who is no fan of President Trump, said he was present for that discussion and "didn't hear" what Mr. Goldberg has claimed to have been said. Others who have rightfully stepped up to defend President Trump include former Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley, White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller, and White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Dan Scavino.

Multiple facts further damage Mr. Goldberg's credibility on this subject. An email released by the White House and documents revealed by a BuzzFeed reporter both contradict what was claimed in The Atlantic's article.

Sadly, but expectedly, the quick unraveling of Mr. Goldberg's claims by firsthand accounts and direct evidence didn't stop the mainstream media from running with the fake news. Virtually every mainstream outlet fawned over the nonsense fable in one way or another, and Joe Biden cut an ad using it to attack President Trump. Neither the media nor Biden have apologized or retracted their use of the false narrative.

The question remains, why did Mr. Goldberg decide to publish such a blatantly flawed story? The devil may be in the details.

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The majority owner of The Atlantic is billionaire philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs. According to The Daily Caller, she has donated more than $1.2 million to Joe Biden and other Democrats since last year. Mrs. Jobs owns 70 percent of The Atlantic and apparently often communicates with Mr. Goldberg. She has given more than $600,000 to Biden, but she has not donated to any Republican candidate. These facts definitely don't seem like a coincidence. Mr. Goldberg appears to be carrying water for his boss—and to have no problem using his magazine to publish a story that would hold no water at any self-respecting publication.

The majority of the mainstream media have once again revealed themselves as nothing more than the communications arm of the Democratic Party.

The debunked story in question smacks of "opposition research" that a campaign would try to push out into the media to harm a rival candidate—not a piece that took actual work from a reporter to put together.

Opponents of President Trump likely fed The Atlantic a fake story. The Atlantic published this fake story. Then, Joe Biden and Democrats used it to attack President Trump. It's a disgraceful cycle that we see all too often from self-described reporters who are focused on colluding with the Democratic Party instead of reporting the truth.

The Atlantic, Mr. Goldberg, Democrats and everyone else involved in pushing this story out should apologize to President Trump for spreading false rumors and for their lack of integrity. If this is what passes for reporting these days, then journalism is on its deathbed. If reporters in the mainstream media are willing to use their positions as nothing more than attack dogs for Democrats, then they need to at least be truthful about it moving forward and disclose their bias and conflicts of interest.

But let's be honest here. If Joe Biden, Democrats, the owners of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg and any others involved want to actually hurt President Trump, they need to do a better job than they did in this muddled mess of a story.

The only reason the Democrat-media cabal published this most recent fake news is because they are nervous that President Trump will be re-elected—as they very well should be. The American people can see right through the Left and their media comrades' lies and tricks, and that's exactly why the nation will enjoy another four years of President Trump when Americans re-elect him in November.

Boris Epshteyn is strategic advisor for the Trump 2020 campaign and previously served as special assistant to President Trump.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.