Colorado Man Catches Trout While Stuck in Traffic on a Frozen Highway

A Colorado man managed to catch a rainbow trout when fishing off a frozen highway for amusement during a traffic jam.

Dylan Hayes was stuck in standstill traffic on a bridge on the I-70 in Glenwood Canyon when he remembered he had a fishing rod stashed in his truck, Outdoor Life reported.

The avid fisherman decided to cast a line over the bridge into the frosty Colorado River. To everyone's surprise, Hayles landed the rainbow trout in just 10 minutes, OutThere Colorado reported.

Glenwood Canyon is a popular fishing spot in the state but it is usually done in the springs, located at a lower level. Rainbow trout are native to the U.S. and are particularly abundant in the Colorado River, which runs through the 16-mile canyon. They are a popular game catch as some can get large, averaging around 16 inches long. The trout are usually found in rivers, streams and other freshwaters running through rock mountains.

The moment the fishermen caught the fish was captured on video and posted to Hayes' Instagram account, which can be seen here.

The avid fisherman decided to cast a line while bored in a traffic jam

The video, captioned "just casting a line and killing time while stuck in traffic," shows him leaning over the barrier of the highway with his fishing line dangling into the lake.

In the video, a long row of cars can be seen queuing along the scenic highway, which is covered in snow. Hayes then begins to reel in his fishing line.

"You're kidding me," he says.

Hayes asks a friend to hold his fishing rod while he sets to work lifting the line up with his hands.

"F**k yeah!" Hayes says, realizing he has made the unlikely catch. "You're f**king kidding me!"

"That's hilarious," his friend can be heard saying. "Keeping reeling!"

At one moment it seems like the fish might be about to escape.

"Oh no don't jump like that!" Hayes says.

But Hayes eventually manages to pull the line up to reveal the healthy trout, just in time for when the traffic begins moving. Hayes and his friends quickly set about getting back in the truck to drive away.

The video was later shared to I-70 things, a news site sharing "all the wild things that happen on the I-70." The news outlet captioned it: "When fishing is life."

One Instagram user commented on the video, saying Hayes was the "first man in history to catch a fish while sitting in traffic."

Rainbow trout
A stock photo shows a rainbow trout. They are abundant in the Colorado river. mlharing/Getty Images