Colorado Mother Assaulted at Roller Skate Rink, Knocked Unconscious by Man in Front of Her Children

A Colorado Springs man was arrested over the weekend after a mother was brutally assaulted in front of her two children at a local roller skating rink.

Monique Reetz said she was knocked unconscious after receiving a sudden kick to the head by the husband of a woman who attacked her at Skate City on North Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs Saturday. The incident was captured on video and uploaded to Facebook.

The mother told KDVR she suffered a concussion and internal bleeding after being punched and dragged by another woman during the confrontation, which was allegedly sparked over a plastic skating aid she obtained for her 13-year-old son. The boy reportedly has a rare genetic disease, a form of leukodystrophy.

In the clip, the women can be seen exchanging blows before Reetz is brought to the ground. A man standing beside Reetz then stomps on her head, as her daughter approaches and lays her head on the mother's chest. A Skate City employee then rolls into the frame.

The footage does not show the moments before the fight but a skating aid can clearly be seen. None of the other customers or staff immediately attempted to break up the right.

The attacking woman, who was not charged, has been identified as Alana Arguelles. Her husband, Alfredo Arguelles, was arrested by Colorado Springs Police Department officers on charges of third-degree assault and child abuse. He has since been released.

According to Reetz, the woman took her son's skate trainer. "I went up to her and I said, 'Hey, did you take my son's rolly?' and she automatically started jumping crazy," she told KDVR. The mother said she had been forced to defend herself while facing a barrage of blows.

The couple allegedly responsible for starting the attack have deleted their social media accounts, local media reported. The video was first uploaded by Natascha West, who said she was posting the clip in an attempt to identify the man and woman who attacked the mother, her niece.

The clip, marked as sensitive, has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and attracted hundreds of comments, the majority expressing shock at the viciousness of the attack.

A representative for the Skate City, who was not identified, told KRDO that he would wait for the results of the police investigation to determine if anyone will be banned from the premises. The owner said that seeing adults fighting in front of families and children "sickens" him.

Reetz wrote on her own Facebook account: "I just wanna say thank u alll for all the support!! This was very devastating not only for myself but especially for my kids!

"They did not deserve to go through that!! I would never put my children in a position like this but I had to protect myself when someone comes charging at me!! She added in a comment: "I would do anything to protect my kids !! Just hate that they had to experience that [you] know!"