Comcast Xfinity Outage Map as Services Down Across U.S.

Xfinity outages were reported across the San Francisco Bay Area on Monday evening, leaving thousands of customers offline and disconnected.

According to DownDetector's Xfinity outage map, customers in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Fremont and surrounding areas were affected.

Xfinity users began reporting outages at around 9 p.m. local time and more than 25,000 had been reported by about 10 p.m.

Approximately 60 percent of those who reported problems said they had a total blackout of Xfinity services, about 30 percent reported issues with landline and internet, while 11 percent of users said they had signal issues.

Customers began reporting that services were working again around midnight.

A Comcast spokesperson told NBC Bay Area late Monday night that Xfinity services were starting to come back online following the widespread outage. Comcast has been contacted for additional comment.

Some frustrated customers took to social media to joke or vent about the outage.

i'll tell my future kids i lived thru the great bay area xfinity outage of 2021

— elaine (@elaineinthebay) November 9, 2021

When @Xfinity has an outage their outage map is also down. Brilliant.

— Sergey Morozov (@morozgrafix) November 9, 2021

"I'll tell my future kids i lived thru the great bay area xfinity outage of 2021," quipped Twitter user @elaineinthebay.

@ennasirk added: "Things that bring folks in the Bay together on Twitter: #earthquakes and #xfinity outages. So far, only the latter tonight."

Others reported issues with accessing Xfinity's outage map. "When @Xfinity has an outage their outage map is also down. Brilliant," wrote Sergey Morozov alongside a screenshot showing the Xfinity website's issues.

How to check if there's an outage in your area

Check the outage map to see if there are reports of outages near you.

If your Xfinity services aren't working, customers can check if there is an outage by logging into their accounts and visiting the Xfinity Status Center.

You can also register your cell number to receive text alerts about service outages by texting OUT to 266278. To speak to Xfinity about your outage, log into your account and schedule a callback.

What to do during an outage

If the power is out, utility providers will need to restore power before Xfinity services can be restored. According to Xfinity, power may start working before Xfinity services resume in those situations.

If your internet is down, Xfinity customers can find and connect to Xfinity WiFi hotspots until their connection is restored—just sign in to any xfinitywifi network using your username and password.

Xfinity customers can download shows and movies to watch offline on their mobile devices in case of a power outage with the Xfinity Stream app.

Truck with signage for Comcast Xfinity
Truck with signage and logo for Comcast Xfinity internet and television service, in the Silicon Valley town of Santa Clara, California, August 17, 2017. Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images