Comedian Rants on Twitter: "Democrats Aren't Gonna Take Your Cheeseburgers!"

In a Twitter video that quickly viral, Corey Ryan Forrester made his position very clear: "Y'all, they've just taken the cake with this one," he says, reading from a card he just took out of his mailbox,"'The Democrats are coming for your hamburgers!' Dude, they are beyond parody at this point."

Forrester is talking about the propaganda he received, and the "they" he refers to are the right-wing messengers behind it. The particular piece of misleading mail he's holding in the video reads in bold letters: "It's True The Democrats Green New Deal Will BAN Hamburgers!" Elsewhere, the card states: "Stop the Socialists, Vote Republican in the January 5th Runoffs."



— Corey "The Buttercream Dream" Forrester (@CoreyRForrester) December 21, 2020

The reason Forrester got this targeted mail is because he's from Georgia, where a contentious Senate runoff election is happening in mere weeks. However, why the two-minute clip has received more than 200,000 views as of press time is his message. Because while his Southern accent "sounds like a banjo" (his words), the comedian is very liberal. As he put it while talking with Newsweek, "The reason people like me is they watch my videos, and think 'Oh my god, you said a smart thing in a dumb way.'"

In the videos he posts, Forrester is frequently not wearing a shirt with a trucker cap on his head. Sometimes, he has a pro wrestling championship slung over his shoulder, which he does when channeling his alter-ego wrestling persona "The Buttercream Dream." But far from being a goofy, social media presence, Forrester is a successful touring comedian and the host of two weekly podcasts: The WellRED Podcast and Through The Screen Door with Corey Ryan Forrester.

In the rant about hamburgers, Forrester addressed the camera by saying, "Yes, there are vegans and vegetarians on the Democratic side. There are vegans and vegetarians, for the record, on the Republican side, too. First off, you've never heard about any m*****f***er taking your g****mn guns. You all made that shit up. But damn sure no one ever once said they were coming to take g****mn cheeseburgers. This is just some fear-mongering bullshit. Congratulations, guys, you've just become complete parodies of yourselves."

"You're just making it up! Cheeseburgers?! You all are so full of shit. And the problem is you know you're full of shit. You just know your dumb f***ing constituents, 'Oh my god, socialism is gonna take all my cheeseburgers!' A more accurate representation would be 'If socialists get in there, everybody is going to get the same cheeseburgers no matter how much they work.' If you said that, at least I could be like, 'Okay, at least this kind of goes with the theme. But that ain't it!" he continued.

He signed off by saying he's going inside his house to make some cheeseburgers, since he's a liberal, and "because we love cheeseburgers."

Corey Ryan Forrester
Comedian Corey Ryan Forrester performs during the "wellRED Comedy Tour" at Brown Theatre on September 8, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky. Getty

While on the phone with Newsweek, Forrester claimed he gets this kind of mail daily.

"Matter of fact, while we're talking on the phone, I'm gonna walk up to my mailbox, because I haven't checked today, and I will bet you every single dollar in my bank account, it has some sort of rattling propaganda B.S. I know that this stuff exists on both sides, I'm not saying there's there's no such thing as liberal propaganda...but I've never seen any of it just pop up in my mailbox unwanted," he said.

He then read from a piece of mail, "'You can kiss your insurance goodbye!' One day, they're talking about how liberals want everyone to have health care, then the next day they say, 'liberals want to take all your health care away.' Just be consistent!"

Forrester talked at length about the problem of systemic racism, as well as the disinformation that the Internet enables and politicians who've learned to "double down" on lies or by simply saying "fake news" when they're called out for stating falsehoods.

"This pandemic, and this presidency, have really opened everybody's eyes. I think you find there's a lot of people that you thought were smart, and you had to find out they were dumb. Then there's a lot of people who you thought were dumb, and it turns out that they are way, way dumber than you could have every thought. It's just rough, man," he said.

Forrester sounded a little surprised as well about the popularity this particular video found.

"I've put up 10 to 15 videos in the past month that are in my opinion way funnier and full of jokes. What it is, people that don't have this accent think that anything that comes out of it is funny," Forrester said.

He also noted some other videos he's made in 2020 went viral.

"I've had a really good year on Twitter, I guess," he said.