Comedian Confronts Man Claiming Oregano Oil Can 'Cure' COVID at Anti-Mask Rally

In a viral TikTok posted Monday, comedian and actor Walter Masterson used the platform to highlight his recent experience at an anti-mask rally.

The video, titled "Arguing w/ Anti-Maskers," opens with Masterson, who posted using the handle @thewaltermasterson, holding a microphone for an unmasked individual who rants about how he believes people can "treat" a case of COVID-19.

"You can take oregano oil," he tells Masterson. "You can dilute ten drops of oregano oil and drink that over the course of the morning, and do that ten days in a row and your COVID symptoms will be gone."

Rumors and theories that essential oils can cure COVID-19 have been swirling around the corners of the internet since the beginning of the pandemic, but currently, there is no evidence that oregano or any other oil is a viable treatment option for those infected with the virus. Additionally, the FDA has issued several letters of warning throughout the pandemic to businesses who claim essential oils can treat COVID.

In response to the man's false claim regarding oregano oil, Masterson responds, "I think that's total f-----g bull----."

"I honestly don't care what you think," the anti-masker replies. "I don't think you've done your research."

Masterson retorts by asking, "Do you understand how Dunning-Kruger works?"

Practically shouting, the anti-masker responds, "I don't understand how anything you refer to even makes any sense, brother. What is that?"

Masterson explains that Dunning-Kruger is a phenomenon where "the stupidest people in the room think they're the smartest." The video cuts to the anti-masker vigorously pointing at Masterson's head, attempting to turn the phrase back at him. "Is your name Dunning-Kruger?" the anti-masker asks him, sarcastically.

The video, which has been viewed over 650,000 times, ends with the man questioning Masterson's logic, asking him, "The simplest explanation is that I'm an idiot?"


I went to an anti-masker protest so you don’t have to

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Masterson posted "Part 2" and "Part 3" videos a few hours later, showing the same man as he continued to rant.

"Hey guys, eat properly and exercise and get sunlight, and you will not get COVID-19," he yells in "Part 3." As Masterson says, this notion "has been totally debunked."

Of the over 3,800 comments posted to the original video, several point out that ten days is around the amount of time it takes for an average case of COVID-19 to run its course. Referring to the baseless oregano oil claim, user @pugface527 notes that it's a "perfect example of correlation is not causation." User @dr.nikko echoes that point: "Doesn't he realize that a mild case of Covid (or the flu, or a cold) will generally resolve in 10 days w/o anything? Placebo effect."

While Masterson's video is certainly not the first example of anti-maskers expressing their beliefs loudly and unapologetically, it serves as another reminder of the many unfounded theories that continue to circulate regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, the CDC recommends wearing a mask in public and around others. Ethan Miller/Getty Images