Comedians Mock President Trump: As Hard As People Try to Impeach Me, I'll Always Be One Step Ahead Of Them Trying To Impeach Me Harder

U.S. late night hosts were among those leading the charge in mocking President Donald Trump following the announcement of an impeachment inquiry by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday.

Following mounting pressure from Democrats to launch a formal inquiry into the president and in the wake of whistleblower allegations that claim Trump attempted to encourage Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate a potential political rival, Pelosi said: "The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law."

And reactions to the announcement were not limited to the political sphere, with Pelosi apparently providing reams of new material for popular comedians.

Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Trump and gave an address at the "United Nations" on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Referring to the impeachment inquiry, Fallon said: "Who knew you make one phone call blackmailing a foreign leader and everyone acts like you... made one phone call blackmailing a foreign leader.

"It's like the old saying, collude once shame on you, collude twice, why not collude a third time? But now it looks like my whistle's been blown—and not in a good way," he added.

"All my supporters, I want them all to relax, OK, because as hard as people try to impeach me, I'll always be one step ahead of them trying to impeach me harder," he said "in collusion."

Fallon's Trump character also described Pelosi as "America's least fun grandma."

Indeed, the Democrats came in for some ribbing about the time it had taken for them to launch an impeachment inquiry, with The Late Late Show host James Corden commenting: "Finally the time for talking about impeachment is over. It's time we inquire about impeachment.

"This is it, guys—let the talking stop and the inquiring begin... at this rate Democrats should have Trump impeached by the last six months of his second term.

"It's like the old saying goes—work with a foreign government to undermine a democratic election once, shame on you. Do it twice, we are going to inquire about the possibility of doing something this time, maybe we'll see, possibly, I don't know."

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said: "After two years of avoiding it Trump may finally face articles of impeachment, which, believe me, he is not happy about. It's impeachment, which Trump hates—plus articles, which he hates even more."

Discussing the Ukraine allegations, Noah continued: "It's an abuse of power. It's extortion, and maybe worst of all, it's asking a foreign country to meddle in America's election."

"It's the one thing that if you were Donald Trump, you should stay away from, because they've just beaten the Russia case. It would be like, if the day after Michael Jackson got acquitted of touching kids, he was like: 'Let's celebrate. Slumber party at my house,'" he added.

Comedians Mock President Trump: As Hard As People Try to Impeach Me, I'll Always Be One Step Ahead Of Them Trying To Impeach Me Harder | U.S.