Comments Split Over Woman Considering Lawsuit Against Brother Who Sold Dead Son's Nursery

In a now-viral post, one woman is claiming she is considering suing her brother after he sold a nursery she loaned to him after the passing of her own son.

On the Reddit thread, "Am I The A**Hole," username u/Throw33463566 identified herself as a 36-year-old female and explained that her son passed away at the age of 3 from a chronic condition.

She said when she found out her brother and his wife were expecting a child after experiencing multiple miscarriages she decided to loan her brother the nursery "under the condition they give it back when they no longer need it."

The Redditor shared that the two were grateful for her help but unfortunately, they lost their baby five months into the pregnancy.

"I waited [a] few months before asking for the nursery back since they no longer need it," she wrote. "I called and asked my brother to send it back despite how cruel I sounded but I just had to get it back but I was shocked after my brother said they sold it, all of it, every single piece."

She said her brother explained that his wife was depressed and said he used the money for a vacation.

"I lost my temper and started screaming at him on the phone reminding him that this belonged to my son and only for them to borrow not sell," she wrote. "He apologized and asked me to be understanding of his wife's position as a grieving mother myself. I said no THEY should have considered how selling my son's nursery would affect me as a grieving mother and he replied that he didn't think I was being fair to scream at him for wanting to help his wife through these hard times."

That's when she told him she would be suing him for "every penny" he made from the sale of the nursery.

The siblings' parents got involved and called their daughter "callous and unhinged" for threatening to sue her brother over a "few pieces of furniture."

The Redditor said she is now between her ex-husband and her parents—the ex pressuring her to sue and her parents telling her to back down.

The ex-husband blamed the Redditor for letting her brother have the nursery in the first place.

"My ex husband gets a say because he paid for the nursery as well and he keeps pushing for me to sue and told me he'll do it if I choose to back down."

VeryWell Family said in a 2020 article that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to handling the belongings of a nursery after a miscarriage, stillbirth or loss of a child. The author of the article, a registered nurse in the field of obstetrics, offered suggestions to parents who might be experiencing this loss. One suggestion was leaving the room as is as the parent copes and to take the time to grieve. A caveat, though, is that making the room a permanent shrine might be a sign of "not coping well."

Many commenters on the post agreed that the brother's decision to sell the nursery set, especially for the given reason, was wrong.

Baby Nursery
In a now-viral post, one Redditor shared that her brother sold furniture she loaned him that belonged to her son who passed away. This stock photo shows an image of a baby nursery. KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

"It was so unbelievably cruel and selfish for them to sell mementos of your son for a vacation," one person wrote, continuing to say "sue their pants off."

"It was a very expensive vacation. Cost the dude a sister, and a caring one at that," another wrote.

Though others disagreed and questioned if the Redditor made her wishes to get the furniture back clear.

"I think you intended for them to have it, figuring it would be in the family, but then lost your mind a bit when you found out it was gone. Then you took it out on a family that had just suffered a tragedy," one user wrote.

One user, though, said that both siblings are experiencing loss and that "Grief is grief. It's not a competition."

Newsweek reached out to @Throw33463566 for comment.