A Company Is Looking to Pay Someone $100k to Eat Tacos for Four Months

Calling all taco lovers, a company is looking to pay someone $100,000 to eat the traditional Mexican dish for four months.

McCormick is looking for their very first Director of Taco Relations, to be their "resident consulting taco expert." The lucky person will work with the brand's creative and social teams to create content for social media, addressing burning questions such as "which is better, hard shell or soft shell?"

And the new director will also be tasked with coming up with engaging ways to celebrate taco-themed events, such as National Taco Day, National Margarita Day and Taco Tuesday. The four-month role, lasting from September to December, will see the applicant paid $25,000 a month, working out to a whopping $100,000.

Explaining more about the role, the job description says: "You will be our official eyes and ears for all things tacos. You'll have the opportunity to work with the McCormick Kitchens team to develop innovative and delish taco recipes, travel across the country in search of the latest taco trends, dialogue with other like-minded taco connoisseurs across social media, and be in on the latest Street Taco seasoning mixes developed by the McCormick innovation lab. The ultimate responsibility for the Director of Taco Relations is to bring together and unify all taco lovers, young and old, in the name of tacos!"

The job will also include travel to McCormick HQ in Hunt Valley, Maryland, where you'll enjoy a taco "immersion" session, which will likely involve stuffing your face with the dish. The team added you'll also be expected to venture to other "taco locations" in the states.

Other key responsibilities include keeping abreast of the latest taco trends, taste testing recipes, helping foodies master recipes—including chatting with chefs to get their tips—and coming up with ideas to package tacos as a breakfast, lunch and dinner dish.

Expanding on one requirement, McCormick explained you'll need to: "Showcase tips and tricks and answer consumer's questions such as how taco toppings can help expand one's taco repertoire and what toppings aren't on tacos but should be." In order to have a shot, you have to send the team a video explaining why you're the ideal candidate for the job.

McCormick shared some hints for the clip's content, which should be no longer than two minutes, suggesting it could include your "go-to and out-of-the-box taco recipes, taco tips and tricks, and insights gleaned as a taco connoisseur. Your favorite taco-themed trivia and fun facts.Your applicable taco experiences, qualifications and skill sets. Your feelings on the perfect taco toppings."

Although ultimately it should answer the question: "Why is being McCormick's Director of Taco Relations your dream gig?" They confirmed no prior experience is necessary, just a "deep love of tacos."

You need to be over 21 to apply, and be a resident of the U.S, and be able to sign a contract in August to commence the four-month, part-time position. Applications close on July 20, with the winner announced on or around August 16. To apply click here.

File image of a hand holding tacos.
File photo of a hand holding a taco. A company is looking to pay someone $100,000 to eat tacos for four months. YGolub/Getty Images