Company Looking to Pay a Man and Woman $1,300 to Wear Designer Watches for a Month

While most people rock a digital smartwatch these days, there's nothing quite like a traditional timepiece—diamonds optional.

If you've always loved a classic watch, but couldn't afford the pricetag, now's your chance to get paid to wear the must-have fashion accessory.

Website HushHush, which describes itself as a "luxury online marketplace," is looking to pay two people $1,300 to wear and review watches for a month.

The team is looking for a man and woman, to test out the ranges aimed at each gender. The lucky applicants will get to wear their most "in-demand watches," ranging in price from $5,000 to $50,000.

Over the course of the weeks the testers will be expected to try out four different watches although sadly, you can't keep them. You'll need to produce a weekly report, feeding back on "practicality, comfort and appearance."

The pair will be expected to put the watch through its paces "whilst conducting everyday tasks as well as more active hobbies, such as playing tennis or swimming."

They explained: "The watch tester's main responsibility is to ascertain which watch is most suited to a variety of lifestyles and budgets, to help online shoppers make more informed purchases."

The site is planning on launching a watch concierge service, explaining this short-term role will inform how that takes shape.

And if you're not up to speed with the latest developments in the world of designer watches fear not, as the job ad explains this is exactly the kind of person they're looking for.

"We are actively encouraging applications from people who do not consider themselves as shoppers in the luxury market—with the hopes that this could reduce pre-judgements over price and brands," it said.

Aaron Harpin, founder, said: "We know one of the main draws to investing in luxury watches is the price tag itself. However, when the prices are as high as they are, it can sometimes be hard to look past that number and see the watch as a watch.

"We want to find two people who will put these watches to the test, to find out if these valuable timepieces actually function the way they are supposed to. Can you wear them in everyday life? Are the faces easy to read, are they comfortable? But most importantly what reaction will you get when you wear them!"

The application is open to anyone over the age of 18, including U.S. citizens, with the remuneration £1,000, which equates to $1,381.

The initial contract is for one month, although HushHush confirmed if successful they may look at extending it.

The closing date for applications is August 20, and you can apply by clicking here.

File photo of man looking at watches.
File photo of man looking at watches. A company is looking to pay a man and a woman $1,300 to wear watches for a month. jarino47/Getty Images