20 Company 'Secrets' Revealed By Viral TikTok Videos

TikTok is home to many tips, tricks and trends.

And employees of many a well-known brand have been among those creating behind the scenes content at their places of work.

They've spilled secret recipes, discount hacks, store policies and more in videos that often go viral.

But whether they do so for fame or revenge, viral employees can be a company's worst nightmare.

Here is a selection of the juiciest secrets to be revealed over TikTok.

20. Hollister

In the video that is often thought to have kicked off the viral trend, @annaxjames opens up about her experience working at popular retail chain, Hollister.

In a TikTok that has over 1 million views, the former employee claimed there was a two-tier system of workers, one which would be tasked with stock in the back, and the other which would model on the shop floor.

Shockingly, she alleged that in the interview process the models' appearance would be rated on a scale of 1–10.

In response to the video, Hollister said it had worked to become more inclusive.

'As Anna states in her video, the brand is different than it once was. We firmly believe her past experience at Hollister is not reflective of our current brand,' a spokesperson said.

19. Subway


Just to let y'all know how subway steak looks. Behind closed doors 🤢😂 ##fyp ##greenscreen ##FreeFreeDance ##viral ##foryou ##foryoupage

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Another secret that's hard to swallow is the inside scoop of fast-food chain, Subway's ingredients.

TikToker @Travis2official, who apparently worked at the sandwich chain, revealed what Subway's steak really looks like.

On seeing the brown, flaky loaf, one viewer concluded: "TikTok ruins fast food for me."

Subway did not respond to media requests for comment at the time the video went viral.

18. Marshalls

In a tip that TikTok viewers are not encouraged to try and replicate, TikToker @yungpepee, a former cashier at Marshall's, claimed the department store cannot take any action if you shoplift.

She explained that legally, employees can not intervene as it puts the store at risk. Shoplifting is, of course, illegal.

Marshall's did not respond to media requests for comment at the time the video went viral.

17. Sephora


why I don’t work for Sephora anymore :( (side note, not saying working at Sephora isn’t the real world, I just wanna purse my degree)

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In a slightly more Kosher way to get a discount, an ex-Sephora employee revealed how to cheat the make-up store's system. On her last day working at the company, Kyra Gallego created a TikTok video that suddenly went viral: "A Sephora Girl Takes Off Her Makeup."

She followed these with two videos, "Sephora Worker Pet Peeves," and "Sephora Hacks."

One of her biggest takeaways was how to get free cosmetics. "You can get your birthday gift any time, even if it's not your birthday month, just ask," she said.

16. Sephora

Kyra Gallego also claimed that customers can get limited sample sizes at Sephora.

"You can get a sample of as much as you want, don't listen to them, there is no limit," she said.

Sephora did not shed light on if there was truth to Kyra Gallego's claims.

15. Target


##stitch with @annaxjames how I save money at target

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For those counting their cash, TikToker @lizzymwong reveals how to save money at Target.

The former employee said that the retail corporation price-matches their competitors, such as Walmart and Amazon.

"Take your phone to guest services, and they'll change the price for you," she said.

The TikToker claimed that the hack works best for products such as Apple watches and iPhones.

Target did not comment specifically on Lizzie Wong's video.

14. Kohl's


##stitch with @annaxjames it doesn't work with kohls cash though 😔 ##kohls ##retail ##borrowing ##kohlscash ##retailsecrets

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TikTok @atomictango, who previously worked at clothing store, Kohl's, also shared a sneaky money hack.

She claimed that staff are required to follow a "Yes You Can" policy. If a customer desires a discount of less than 50% off the original price of an item, it should be automatically approved.

"If you were fighting for 40% off we were supposed to give it to, not call a manager or argue," she said.

Kohl's did not comment on the alleged "Yes You Can" policy mentioned on TikTok.

13. Starbucks

Videos showing the inner workings of a famous brand have created a curious trend on TikTok. Actions that may seem mundane to workers are fascinating to customers.

In a series of viral TikToks, Starbucks employee @zandergjura, shared what really goes on behind the scenes at a Starbucks drive-thru in Michigan.

In a TikTok that is sure to give some coffee consumers paranoia, it is revealed that cameras and microphones can see and hear your movements, as soon as you pull up.

Zander reveals that every employee is wearing an interconnected headset. "As you can see, she's wearing one. He's also wearing one. I'm wearing one. And the two people in the back are wearing one. That means we can all hear you while you order your drink in the drive-thru," he said.

Starbucks did not comment at the time about this specific video, however, in the past the coffee chain has hit out at employees taking to Tiktok, saying "there is an expectation that partners create a respectful, safe and welcoming environment."

12. Starbucks drinks

In another rare window into the life of a Starbuck's barista, @makkmatthews shared the secret recipe of a drink with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, including the eye-watering amount of syrup involved.

The TikTok has shocked viewers, purely because of the sugar content. The reason for revealing the exact measurements? She said they were a pain to make.

11. Panera Bread

However, sharing company secrets doesn't always go to plan. One employee from Panera Bread allegedly lost her job after she posted a video revealing the recipe of the bakery's iconic mac and cheese dish.

Viewers were shocked to find out it was frozen and consisted of various packets.

A Panera spokesperson told CNN the company doesn't comment on personnel matters, but said that the meals are shipped frozen so they can leave out certain preservatives.

"Mac and cheese is made off-site with our proprietary recipe developed by our chefs and using our sourced ingredients that meet our standards for our clean menu offerings," the spokesperson said.

10. Chick-fil-A

Likewise, a former Chick-fil-A employee from northern California claimed that she was fired after she shared a viral TikTok video that exposed restaurant secrets, according to the Daily Mail.

The 19-year-old revealed how to get a bigger Mango Passion Tea for less money, which allegedly did not go down well with the fast-food chain.

Chick-fil-A did not immediately return a request for comment to media outlets.

9. Michaels

One TikToker, @notsochappie, claimed that she was allowed to speak up after her NDAs were over. She shared specifics of the sales tactics at craft chain, Michaels.

"It's expensive," she said, despite offering plenty of discounts.

"That is a sales tactic because they mark up their prices and then they give you a coupon for what they would have originally sold it for," she revealed.

Michaels did not comment on the TikTok video.

8. Best Buy

Likewise, a former Best Buy employee explained to viewers how to get, well, the best buys.

After working at the chain for over a decade, @chubbyelviss, claimed that employers can honor a manufacturer warranty, even if they tell you they can't.

He also claimed that it was far more expensive to buy a cellphone at Best Buy than a carrier store, and the best time to get discounts was on a Saturday night.

7. McDonalds

In a reveal that is sure to raise a few eyebrows, @evilglitterqueen claimed that there is a reason McDonald's straws are larger than standard straws.

Allegedly, it allows more carbonation to hit your tongue, fooling you into thinking their soda tastes better.

Speaking in the video, Michael said: "I worked at McDonald's and I learned so much s***.

"You think that they're just fast food and s*** but there's so much science behind it.

6. McDonald's

The former employee did not stop there.

The TikToker also claimed that McDonald's grilled chicken is injected with a salt and water mixture to keep it moist.

He also said that the fast-food chain commissioned Coca Cola to make a special soda recipe, which was much more sugary and flavourful.

McDonald's did not respond to media requests for comment at the time.

5. McDonald's

One former McDonald's employee, who did not disclose the location or duration she worked at the chain, made 23 videos allegedly revealing company tricks.

She spoke at length about the trials of the thick shake machine, admitting it was rarely cleaned and that workers would occasionally lie to customers and pretend it was broken, rather than refill the heavy shake mix bag.

McDonald's did not respond to media requests at the time.

4. Dunkin'

Dressed in her Dunkin' uniform, a disgruntled employee took TikTok viewers behind the scenes at the bakery branch.

She allegedly revealed company secrets, such as how bacon and sausages were cooked in the food preparation area.

The video, captioned "Ya I hate my job," suggestd that the "sweet cold foam" really came premade from a Reddi-Whip container and that the Pink Velvet and Vanilla syrups used in their speciality coffee drinks are the same, apart from their color.

Dunkin did not reply immediately to media requests about their practices.

3. KFC

In a similar style of video, a worker from the U.K. lifted the lid on the process behind the company's famous gravy, much to the horror of viewers.

The process involved many steps—such as pouring a jug of water into what KFC calls 'crackling' and then tipping a sachet of spices in.

Other videos on TikTok user @cheddar4.7's profile are clips of them making fillet burgers and mini fillets, which has been viewed 1.3million times.

However, KFC did not open up about their gravy making process when this video was published.

2. Chipotle

Another worker used the social media platform to vent his grievances about complicated Chipotle orders. In a video that has now been removed, @thecharlesniko said cilantro and lettuce are particularly cumbersome to prepare.

The most time-consuming task is prepping avocados, which involves scooping all the pits out of avocados to make vast quantities of guacamole.

Chipotle did not comment on @thecharlesniko's TikTok at the time it was released.

1. Chipotle

It's not all bad news though. On a lighter note, a former Chipotle employee's food hack has been great advertising for the company.

In the video, @muslimticc who worked at the Mexican fast-food chain for over two years, and said she "loves Chipotle" and could "absolutely live off it." She suggested ordering a side of honey will transform the taste of your bowl.

An official Chipotle account even responded to the former employee's video on TikTok.

The Mexican fast-food chain commented simply on the video, "take notes."