Dozens of Congress Members Join Calls for Stephen Miller to Resign Over Leaked Emails Showing 'White Nationalist Beliefs'

Dozens of Congress members have joined calls for senior White House adviser Stephen Miller's resignation following the revelation of hundreds of emails appearing to promote a white nationalist agenda and anti-immigrant sentiments.

In a joint statement released Thursday, leaders of the Congressional Hispanic, Progressive, Black and Asian Pacific American caucuses said it is time for Miller to step down over the scandal after hundreds of his emails sent to Breitbart, espousing "white nationalist beliefs," were revealed in a bombshell report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

"It's clearer than ever that Stephen Miller is a far-right white nationalist with a racist and xenophobic worldview. His beliefs are appalling, indefensible, and completely at odds with public service," said CPC Co-Chairs Mark Pocan and Pramila Jayapal, CBC Chair Karen Bass, CHC Chair Joaquin Castro and CAPAC Chair Judy Chu in a joint statement.

Pointing to the SPLC's review of Miller's involvement in supporting white nationalist doctrine for years, the caucus leaders accused the adviser of having "spent the last three years turning his bigotry into policy—with President Trump's blessing."

"We feel like it is up to us to point out the obvious—someone who writes, talks, and governs like a white nationalist is in fact a white nationalist. Stephen Miller is a white nationalist and he has no business serving in the White House," the caucus leaders said. "As leaders in the Democratic Caucus, representing diverse constituencies who have been targeted by Stephen Miller's hateful beliefs, we call for his resignation without delay."

For years, Miller has been named as the architect behind Trump's hardline immigration crackdown at the U.S.-Mexico border and across the country.

However, the emails brought to light by the SPLC's Hatewatch section appear to paint a fuller picture of the extent of Miller's bid to push a white nationalist agenda forward.

On Tuesday, Hatewatch revealed the first of a series of reports analyzing 900 emails that Miller has sent to former Breitbart writer Katie McHugh in 2015 and 2016.

The emails showed how Miller, who had been working for then senator Jeff Sessions at the time, sought to push white nationalist conspiracy theories and shape Breitbart's coverage to portray immigrants in a negative light.

Earlier this week, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started a petition demanding Miller's immediate resignation.

"Stephen Miller, Trump's architect of mass human rights abuses at the border (including child separation & detention camps w/ child fatalities) has been exposed as a bonafide white nationalist," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on Tuesday. "He's still at the White House shaping U.S. immigration policy. Miller must resign. Now."

Speaking to The Huffington Post, at least 76 members of the House of Representatives confirmed that they would like to see Miller step down over his white nationalist, racist and anti-immigrant views.

"Hell yes," Democratic Representative John Yarmuth of Kentucky told the outlet.

Democratic Representative Ted Lieu of California shared in that sentiment, asserting that he felt "pretty sure" in his belief that "flaming white nationalists should have no place in the White House, the halls of Congress or anywhere, for that matter.

Stephen Miller
White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller steps off Air Force One upon arrival at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on November 12. Dozens of lawmakers have called for Miller's resignation after the revelation of hundreds of emails sent to Breitbart pushing white nationalist views. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/GETTY