Connecticut SWAT Standoff: Explosion Reported In North Haven, Live Updates

UPDATE: May 3, 2018, 11:03 a.m. EDT—Officials confirmed Thursday that a body was found inside a building following a series of explosions in North Haven, Connecticut, Wednesday evening. It was unclear who the body belonged to.

Nine police officers were injured at the scene, which began as a domestic violence situation that later escalated into a SWAT standoff. The nine officers were taken to the hospital where they remained Thursday.

North Hanover Explosion
A series of explosions following a domestic incident in North Haven, Connecticut, left at least nine people, including several police officers, injured. Alan Tancreti

UPDATE: 10:33 p.m. EDT—Yale New Haven Hospital confirmed seven patients had been transported to the facility following a series of explosions at a SWAT scene in North Haven, Connecticut. The condition of the patients remained unclear, though North Haven First Selectman Michael Freda previously told WTIC-TV several officers were transported with non-life threatening injuries.

It was unclear whether there was still an active standoff scene underway.

In video from the scene taken earlier Wednesday night, SWAT team members could be heard calling for the suspect, apparently named "John," to come out of the home.

YNHH has received seven patients involved in tonight’s house explosion in #Northhaven. All are currently being medically evaluated.

— Yale New Haven Hosp (@YNHH) May 3, 2018

UPDATE: 10:22 p.m. EDT—Six officers sustained injuries following a series of explosions at an active SWAT standoff in North Haven, Connecticut, Wednesday night, an officer at the scene told WTIC-TV.

Officers were initially called to a domestic violence situation at a home in the area, an officer at the scene. While attempting to make contact with a person barricaded inside, a series of explosions occurred in a backyard barn.

The Connecticut State Police SWAT team was arriving on the scene to aid a number of other agencies.

It was unclear whether the suspect was still inside the house, though the scene was still active.

UPDATE: 10:10 p.m. EDT—An active scene remained underway in North Haven, Connecticut, after a husband reportedly barricaded his wife and family inside their home, North Haven First Selectman Michael Freda told WTIC-TV.

Police repeatedly tried to coax the man out of the home beginning Wednesday afternoon. SWAT and other regional agencies were on scene when a series of explosions took place sometime in the evening.

"There are still explosions going on back there as we speak," Freda said.

At least four officers were hurt at the scene, Freda said. All were on their way to Yale New Haven Hospital, though none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

The condition of the family involved remained unclear. Freda said he did not know whether any children were inside the home.

Original story:

A house reportedly exploded in North Haven, Connecticut, Wednesday night amid a situation involving a SWAT team, the Associated Press reported.

Police were reportedly responding to a report of a barricaded person at around 7:20 local time when the situation unfolded.

A man inside the home may have been holding his family hostage for "several days," WTIC-TV reported.

The details of the situation remained unclear. It was not immediately known whether there were any injuries or fatalities, though "at least three police officers were seen being placed into ambulances," according to the AP.

Photos from the scene showed a large fire and immense plumes of black smoke in a residential neighborhood. One witness, who lives about three miles away from the scene, told WTIC-TV his house shook from the explosion.

"The North Haven Police Department is currently responding to a barricaded subject in the 300 block of Quinnipiac Avenue," North Haven Police wrote on Facebook. "The roadway remains closed at this time as this is an ongoing situation."