Conor McGregor Is Already Beating Up Floyd Mayweather—Via Mural

Most reasonable folks with a modicum of boxing—or Mixed Martial Arts, for that matter—knowledge expect Conor McGregor to get soundly schooled by Floyd Mayweather, Jr, when the two meet in Las Vegas on August 26.

Most except, uh, Conor McGregor, apparently.

On Tuesday morning, McGregor posted a seemingly ordinary training picture to his official Instagram account, showing the Irish UFC lightweight champion about to start hitting the heavy bag.

The eye is drawn up the wall, above McGregor's head, to a painted mural of a green-gloved fist striking a boxer in the face.

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In typical McGregor style, he's already trash talking, albeit in an understated way .

Of course, it's probably not just for show. McGregor is as meticulous in his preparation as he is flashy outside the gym and this way he gets to see Mayweather's face every time he spars, skips rope or hammers that heavy bag.

There's a nice level of detail to the picture, too. McGregor's left hand is rearranging Mayweather's face—perhaps the best chance the Crumlin man has of causing one of the biggest upsets in combat sports history at T-Mobile Arena later in the summer.

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Tunnel vision

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In another Instagram shot posted overnight giving a better view of the mural, McGregor called himself a "filthy Irish animal."

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I am a filthy Irish animal.

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The braggadocio has started early although trash talk and murals are unlikely to help McGregor if Mayweather begins to dance around him as is his style in the ring. To land the kind of shot that knocked out Jose Aldo—the kind depicted in the mural—McGregor is going to have to get close to Mayweather. Against a man of "Money's" consummate boxing skills, that spells danger, quite possibly in the form of a K.O.

Still, at least there's one person in the world who thinks this fantasy fight isn't a foregone conclusion. Let's see if visualization techniques can genuinely help McGregor pull off the greatest of all shocks.

Conor McGregor Is Already Beating Up Floyd Mayweather—Via Mural | Sports