Conservative Columnist Predicts Trump's Collapse: President 'Is Weak And Getting Weaker'

In the wake of a partial government shutdown on Friday, Washington Post's conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin declared that President Donald Trump is "weak and getting weaker by the moment" after caving to pressure from far-right figures.

On Saturday's MSNBC's AM Joy, host Joy Reid noted that Republicans "clearly fear the Republican base and Fox News" in a segment discussing the government shutdown.

"I truly don't understand why they're capitulating to a president whose approval rating is under 40 percent and why they don't just do their job, pass a clean bill to keep the government open, even if it's just through the holidays because that would help themselves," she said. "It would help their own popularity if they did that."

"[Republicans] are just not willing to defy Trump or that base," John Harwood, CNBC's editor-at-large, added. "It was Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and that group of people, who called [Trump] on it. And if not for them, we'd be out of here."

Reid continued: "And that's the sad thing about it, right? Donald Trump could have just continued to pretend that there was a beautiful steel slat thing… He could have sold that to a lot of people… Now he's back in this position because of three tough radio hosts."

"He is weak and he's getting weaker by the moment," Rubin interrupted. "And the fact that the Russian investigation, the other investigations, are closing in…"

"Is that what this is about?" Reid asked.

U.S. President Donald Trump participates in the signing ceremony for the First Step Act and the Juvenile Justice Reform Act in the Oval Office of the White House December 21, 2018 in Washington, DC. On Saturday, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said Trump is "getting weaker" after caving to far-right demands. Getty/Win McNamee

"Yes, absolutely. He needs desperately to hold on to those people," Rubin explained. "If those people break with him, then he is toast—I think he is toast, anyway."

"But I think the more that he is under siege, the more he lose voices of sanity around him — [Jim] Mattis and everybody else — the more comes out through Michael Cohen, through [Michael] Flynn, the more desperate he becomes to please those people," she continued. "And it is not a situation in which Fox News follows the White House. The White House follows Fox News."

"Rush Limbaugh is bragging that he basically told him what to do," Reid added.

Earlier this week, Trump rejected a short-term funding bill agreed by Democrat and Republican senators to ensure the government stays running through the New Year because it did not include funds for his border wall. The move came shortly after the president experienced a barrage of criticism from right-wing media figures.

On Friday, a quarter of U.S. government departments closed down, with hundreds of employees sent home on temporary leave after lawmakers failed to agree on a budget. The departments of Transportation, Agriculture, State, Homeland Security and Justice are all areas of government affected by the shutdown.

Watch the MSNBC clip below: