Conservative Pastor Says Black Lives Matter Movement Is 'KKK Of This Time'

Conservative evangelical preacher Rick Joyner has denounced "the organization Black Lives Matter" as "the KKK of our time."

Joyner, who leads Morningstar Ministries, made the remarks during one of his "Rick Rants" videos on Thursday. He claimed that Black Lives Matter, a decentralized social movement that is not represented by a single organization, is actually a "Marxist organization" and "the same thing" as the notorious white supremacist hate group.

"I do not believe in the organization Black Lives Matter," Joyner said. "That is an avowed, admitted Marxist organization, that is fomenting many of the, if not most or maybe even all, of the present rioting and destruction going on in our country right now."

"I think we as Christians need to take a stand against that organization," he continued. "That's the KKK of this time. It's a reverse KKK, but it's the same thing."

Joyner said that he does technically believe that Black lives matter, adding that he "doesn't know of anyone that doesn't think they don't matter." He then decried that repeating the phrase "all lives matter" is sometimes considered racist.

"I'm not Black, but we're all a part of the human race," said Joyner. "But to say 'all lives matter' gets you accused of being a racist. That's how sick and demented things have become. No, all lives do matter."

The Black Lives Matter movement does not claim that Black lives should be valued to the exclusion of all others. It is instead intended to focus on valuing Black lives and working against violence experienced by the Black community.

Countering the movement by saying "all lives matter" is viewed many activists as a racist attempt to draw focus away from the purpose of the movement and towards white people instead.

Black Lives Matter signs
Homemade signs lay outside for protesters to use during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Brooklyn, New York on July 25, 2020. Ira L. Black/Corbis/Getty

Joyner carefully described racial injustices experienced by Black Americans as a "justice issue," while apparently finding it important to draw a distinction between "justice in general" and the more descriptive and accurate phrase "social justice."

"There needs to be more consideration for what the African Americans, the Blacks, are going through in this country," Joyner said. "These are issues that really are important justice issues, not social justice but justice in general... but they've been hijacked by a Marxist organization that has claimed they want to destroy freedom in America."

There is no evidence to support Joyner's claim that the Black Lives Matter movement aims to "destroy freedom in America." The Black Lives Matter Global Network, which does not represent the entire movement, has explicitly said on its website that it hopes to "eradicate white supremacy."

During an appearance on The Jim Bakker Show in 2019, Joyner urged Christians to form armed militias for an unspecified civil war. He insisted that racism would play no part, saying "we're not just going to attack other races or things like that, we're here to defend and support."

Newsweek reached out to Morningstar Ministries for comment.