Conservative Radio Host Phil Valentine in 'Critical but Stable' Condition With COVID

Conservative talk radio host Phil Valentine is in a "critical but stable" condition according to his brother, as he starts another week hospitalized with COVID.

Valentine, a radio host who had previously expressed skepticism about COVID vaccines, revealed on July 12 that he was diagnosed with the disease in a Facebook post.

On July 14 he wrote that he felt "better and better" during the show he hosts on Nashville, Tennessee-based radio station SuperTalk 99.7 WTN.

However, his condition deteriorated and on July 22 his family said in a statement that the radio host had been hospitalized with the disease and was in a "very serious condition."

Valentine's story quickly drew widespread media attention as his family said "while he has never been an 'anti-vaxer' he regrets not being more vehemently 'Pro-Vaccine', and looks forward to being able to more vigorously advocate that position as soon as he is back on the air, which we all hope will be soon."

His brother Mark Valentine later told CNN that he knew of "dozens and dozens" of people who had taken the vaccine due to his situation.

On Wednesday, Phil Valentine's family revealed he had been put on a ventilator "to give his body much needed rest."

Since Friday, his brother Mark has provided a series of updates on his condition on Facebook. That day, he said his brother had "made it through" the night and needed to be on an EKMO machine.

An EKMO is a form of life support machine that takes blood from the body, removes the carbon dioxide, oxygenates it, and then pumps it back into the person so their lungs and heart can rest.

Mark Valentine went on: "We're trying to get him to a hospital with that equipment via helicopter. The protocol requires he be able to be on his back for several hours which I didn't think he could do...but he did! We're checking bed availability now and if he is a candidate for transport. It ain't over."

On Saturday, Mark Valentine said his brother "had another good night last night," and was in a critical but stable condition. Phil Valentine's vital signs were "great" and the ventilator was "doing its job."

"We get more optimistic each day!" he wrote.

It was not clear from the updates whether the family were able to transfer the host to another hospital.

In his latest update on Sunday, Mark Valentine said his brother's condition had stabilized, his kidney function was "fine" and his heart rate and blood press were "good as well."

Mark Valentine said: "Condition is critical but stable. Keep the prayers coming please!"

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Conservative talk show radio host Phil Valentine is pictured on the right. Valentine is currently hospitalised with COVID. Mark Valentine