Conservative Radio Host Links Socialism to Supporting Bestiality, Says it 'Warps and Distorts Your Brain'

A conservative radio host likened supporting socialism to backing bestiality and claimed it "wraps and distorts your brain."

Paul McGuire, who co-authored the book Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon, pushed his theory on The Hagmann Report show on Monday.

McGuire claimed that Sweden was "all on board with Democratic socialism"—a political philosophy embraced by progressives like Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—and that the Scandinavian nation was one of the first to legalize marriage and sex between humans and animals.

"I'm not saying this to be sarcastic, I'm saying that socialism, to embrace socialism, which does not work, is an irrational program," Mcguire said, "But when you allow your mind to be formed and shaped and programmed by socialist education, it literally, on a neurological level, warps and distorts your brain, your perception, and your critical thinking skills."

McGuire continued: "Why is it that the nation that all of these socialist candidates in the United States point to as the great success story for socialism, Democratic socialism—Sweden, that's the nation they point to—why does that also happen to be the nation where for many years they legalized sex between humans and animals and allowed people to marry their dogs, cats and horses and pigs, etc?"

The radio host said that "when you are dumbed down, it just doesn't stay in the economic sector, when you're dumbed down, it spills out into the practicalities of life."

McGuire concluded: "Who in their right mind wants to marry their dog or their horse?"

He acknowledged that Sweden outlawed marriage and sex with animals but claimed that it was only outlawed on paper "but if you actually do it, nobody's going to really enforce the law."

Sweden banned bestiality in 2014 by ruling out a loophole that allowed people to engage in the practice if the animal did not suffer. The new legislation stated that violators would face large fines and or a two-year jail sentence.

McGuire is a frequent guest on Fox News and CNN. His biography on his website states he is an "internationally recognized prophecy expert, minister, speaker, author of 33 books" and "professor on Bible prophecy." It states he has interviewed "numerous world leaders, presidents and prime ministers."

Paul McGuire Socialism Bestiality
Conservative radio host and right-wing conspiracy theorist Paul McGuire likens socialism to bestiality on "The Hagmann Report" show. Right Wing Watch video/Screenshot

To a less extreme degree, President Donald Trump and Republicans have criticized socialism and Democratic socialism, warning that it could put the United States on the path of countries like Venezuela, which is facing social and economic crises.

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