Construction Worker Baffled to Find Massive Skull in the Middle of a River

A construction worker was baffled after finding a giant skull in a river, spotting it from a bridge over the water.

The peach state resident shared a clip to his TikTok page, Georgia Bassmaster, where he filmed the creepy item from above, which can be seen here.

The worker, who lists his name as Marshall on his Instagram, explained: "So I'm out here doing construction work on this bridge job. And I come over here to the edge of the bridge, and look what I see laying at the bottom of the river. What the heck."

The shape is an unmistakable skull, but it's an abnormally large size. "What would y'all do?" he asked followers, and he wasn't short of suggestions after the clip, shared in August, amassed more than 10 million views.

Speaking to Newsweek, he said: "I just happened to look down from the bridge and see it from the top.

"I went down in the creek a few days after the video went viral and it was gone so I'm not sure if the current washed it away or someone came and got it."

He shared his own theory on its origin, adding: "It looked like a Halloween decoration most likely."

After numerous requests online, he went down to the bank and filmed the skull from the water's edge, and in another follow-up clip he waded out to investigate.

"Ya'll got your wish, got my mud boots I'm about to go own there in the creek and get it now," he said filming himself venturing into the water, while a second person filmed from the original vantage point on the bridge.

"It's Goliath or his brothers...." Marshall jokingly captioned the clip, as he got into the water, which was up to his knees.

Screengrabs from @georgia_bassmaster's video.
Screengrabs from @georgia_bassmaster's video. The keen fisherman spotted the skull while standing on a bridge above the river, so decided to investigate. @georgia_bassmaster

"Alright here we are, giant alien skull," he says as he hoists the skull out of the water. It's roughly double the size of a human head, and appears to have a flattened back. While unconfirmed, it looks like an aquarium feature or a theatrical prop.

Marshall appears to put it back in the water, but still received numerous questions over the skull online, prompting him to go back to the site.

In a follow-up clip, he said: "Alright so I came back out here to the bridge to find the skull because so many people have been asking for updates on it.

"So I came back out here and a big rain come last night. And either the mud washed it away, you can't see it under the mud, or somebody came and got the skull."

The water is murky and you can't see the bottom anymore, compared to the original clip where rocks and the riverbed were clearly visible from the surface. It lends credibility to one of Marshall's theories, that the water level has obscured the skull.

Screengrab from @georgia_bassmaster's video.
Screengrab from @georgia_bassmaster's video. He shared a clip to TikTok detailing his find, which amassed millions of views. @georgia_bassmaster

Numerous people shared their own theories over the skull's origins, although it wasn't clear if Marshall had planted it himself.

JordynIsBoredynb asked: "So like, when are you going to get the police involved?"

Gina commented: "Why would you even leave it there? I would have gone an got it. I've always wanted a skull."

Kalee wrote: "Literally why didn't you call police when your first found it?"

Patricia Hennessey joked: "The killer came back for it."

While JustLikeStayingHome said: "I've seen this movie before. Dude it doesn't end well."

Newsweek reached out to Marshall for comment.

UPDATE 9/30/21 11:38 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include comments from Georgia Bassmaster as well as pictures and video.