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Sleep On It: Feeling blocked? Researchers from the University of California at San Diego say a nap can help boost creative powers. They say that "sleeping on" a dilemma really does boost a person's ability to problem-solve and make clear decisions:

77 volunteers were given a series of create problems to solve and were told to mull over the problem until the afternoon either by resting but staying awake or by taking a nap monitored by the scientists. Compared with quiet rest and non-REM sleep...volunteers who entered REM during sleep improved their creative problem solving ability by almost 40%. (BBC)

Hal's Revenge: Home-computer related injuries have increased over 700 percent between 1994 and 2006. There were about 92,000 computer-related injuries admitted to the ER in 2006, with young children under five having the highest injury rate (another example of how technology can hurt kids). Injuries often came from moving computers, tripping over cords, or dropping heavy equipment. (ABCNews)

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The Violence Gene: Boys carrying a gene known as the "warrior gene" are more likely to join a gang, and in gangs, boys with this gene are among the most violent members. Girl carrying the gene showed no real predisposition to violence. (Science Daily)

Most Valuable Player This weekend, track and field star Bonnie Richardson, a high school senior from Rochelle Texas, won the girl's Texas Class A state championship. The whole championship. By herself. Richardson was the only representative from her school competing, and beat the 2nd place team by two points after she finish first in the long jump and high jump, second in the discus, third in the 200, and fourth in the 100. (Deadspin)

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